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about wiredin.cc 

Wiredin.cc is a proud member of League City Chamber of Commerce, North Galveston County Chamber of CommerceBay Area Networking Group, and the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

We believe that it's important to be involved in the community. Being involved builds relationships, networks, and knowledge. Over the years we have discovered that this also leads to fun and countless opportunities to meet interesting people, which leads to a more enriched life. We, through Wiredin.cc, hope to encourage folks, living in and visiting our community, to find out what's going on in the Clear Lake and Galveston Bay areas. By promoting businesses, benefits and events, in the Bay Area, we bring neighbors and neighborhoods closer together. When locals and folks outside of the bay area visit out site, they discover a rich source of information. Many subscribe, at no cost, to receive weekly reminders to check out our site while others put us in their Favorites List and check us out daily. All of our work is done with the hope of making life in the Bay Area a little nicer.

Geographically, www.WiredIn.cc covers the Galveston Bay Area; from Clear Lake, League City, Kemah, and Seabrook to Galveston Island. Wiredin covers community and business news. Talk of the Bay focuses on the fun, food, frolic, and entertainment in the bay area. Together, Wiredin and Talk of the Bay will keep you informed and keep the fun and entertainment in your life on the bay.

About Eddie Harper   

Wiredin.cc did not buy our traffic, we earned it. For more than 6 years Eddie has attended  events in the League City and North Galveston County; everything from Chamber of Commerce events, opening day ceremonies at the Big League Dreams Sports Park, parades, city council meetings, awards ceremonies, fires, or just public gatherings. All of these events have been documented by Eddie Harper's passion for photography.

Eddie takes hundreds of photographs of folks at these events and invites them to come to the wiredin.cc site to view the pictures, download them, and/or email them to loved ones if they desire, for no charge at all.

To contact Eddie please Email:  Eddie@WiredIn.cc


About Chiquita Taylor

Chiquita is very active in the Bay Area, serving on several committees and participating in many festivals, events and enjoying local restaurants and clubs. She is currently the P.R. director for the NASA/Clear Creek/Friendswood Metro Go Texan Rodeo Committee, which raises scholarship funds for the annual Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. 

She is also a writer and photographer. Her articles and photos of various Bay Area activities and events have appeared in several publications, including the Houston Chronicle, the Galveston Daily News, The Scene, Bay Runner, The Citizen, Bay Area Houston, and Pasadena Lifestyles. And they have appeared online with the Guidry News Service. In 2006, Chiquita was one of the emcees for the Galveston Harbor Lights Parade and Christmas Tree Lighting.  This year, both Chiquita and Eddie are looking forward to hosting both of these events.

With the conception of Talk of the Bay, Chiquita is looking forward to bringing to you, all the information you will need to enjoy a day, a weekend, a week or a lifetime in the Bay Area.

To contact Chiquita, please Email:  Chiquita@WiredIn.cc


Rolfe Schaumburger host of Wine with Rolfe

Hello, my name is Rolfe Schaumburger. I’m your host for an exciting new feature on Wiredin.cc.  “Wine Around The Bay” is an opportunity to share my experiences with beer, wine, spirits and food from the bay area and beyond.

I have been involved in the food and beverage industry for the past 23 years. I have worked at one of the largest alcoholic Rolfe Schaumburgerbeverage distributors in the country, owned and operated a restaurant and am currently involved in winery and distributor management.  Over the years I have associated with and hosted some of the world’s foremost winery owners, winemakers, chefs, distillers, brewers and retailers.

My travels to some of the greatest wine regions in North and South America have been a wonderful and exciting experience. These experiences have given me the opportunity to learn and get that look “behind the scenes” and to take the time to enjoy the real feel and taste of the local cuisines and spirits. 

My hope is that  through these shared experiences I can open some doors for you and help you feel more comfortable about “stepping outside your bounds” and finding things that you like that will expand and make more enjoyable your drinking and dining experiences not only while out on the town but at home as well.

“Drinking a lot, so you don’t have to”

Nancy Goldstein host of Wiredin to Cruising

Nancy Goldstein host of Wiredin to CrusingHi all, my name is Nancy Goldstein and I am very happy to say I am a cruise “addict.” My husband, Stan, and I have been on 19 cruises since 1985. It seems that I just can’t shake this habit.  Over the years, I have picked up what I like to think is a lot of useful information about cruising. I believe cruising is the best vacation ever simply because you don’t have to cook, clean, make
your bed, and you only have to pack once.  The food and entertainment are always wonderful and you are waited on hand and foot.  And the best point about cruising is you can do as little or as much as you want the entire time you are on board. 

Chiquita and I were talking one day (yes, I have known Chiquita a few years) about cruising in general and she asked if I would like to share what I know about cruising with other cruisers; both first time and experienced cruisers.  So now I will be blogging about my favorite pastime passing along some general tidbits and tips I’ve learned along the way.   And that my friends is how we started Wiredin to Cruising.

Christy Stratton host of Wiredin to Connecting Houston Home

Nancy Goldstein host of Wiredin to CrusingWith a focus on experiences, ConnectingHoustonHome.com features experiential video coverage where communities as well a variety of real properties including new and existing homes as well as land and commercial opportunities are highlighted in a unique and interesting manner and then shared through social media channels, newsletters and more. You’ll find a wide offering of resources for Houston real estate including coverage of news, compelling topics of interest, and local real-estate related events. And you’ll love the ‘life at home’ photography posted by our readers as well as tips for all facets of real estate.  It’s a place where consumers, REALTORS®, home builders, developers, and other industry professionals can connect to real estate in a deeper manner.

As its host, Christy Stratton will connect you to real estate in a simple, honest and genuine way. She’ll communicate how each home, each property or each community benefits the lives of those who own or reside in them.

Stratton has a long and diverse tenure in the real estate industry and has worked with and for home builders and developers across multi-markets, held her real estate license in two markets and has worked alongside companies who support the industry.  In fact, while in Nevada, Stratton helped to start the state’s ENERGY STAR® Partners program bringing awareness of energy-efficient opportunities to both businesses and consumers, an effort near and dear to her heart.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Stratton started her career in the home building and real estate industry in Houston and remains actively involved with memberships in Women’s Council of REALTORS®, the Houston Association of REALTORS, and the Greater Houston Association of Home Builders as well as its Sales and Marketing Council and Membership Committee. She most recently was selected to sit on the Houston Association of REALTORS MLS Advisory Committee and also serves on the Premier Agent Publisher’s Advisory Board.

Stratton believes that life is about living and much of that living is done in our homes and communities so it stands to reason that we should place top priority on where we choose to live, how we choose to live and how we go about doing it all. ConnectingHoustonHome.com is here to do just that. It’s new, fresh and it’s necessary!


www.Wiredin.cc featuring the Talk of the Bay proudly serves the League City, Clear Lake, and the Galveston Bay Areas of Texas

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