Park Avenue Showplace – 447 Highway 3 South - League City

Literally, a showplace of showcases the Park Avenue Showplace has everything from "Hairplace" vintage hair implements, hairdryers and accessories, vintage perfumes, make up and beauty items of the 1940’s through the 60’s to radios from the 30's.

Nammy’s Kitchen has more than a dozen vintage kitchen cabinets full of gadgets, cooking utensils, dishes, potato mashers, pots and pans and a story to go along with each one of them.

Making sure the men feel at home too, owner, Ann Hacker has come up with “Mantiques”. A collection of ‘manly’ antiques like baseball collectibles, still banks, brass, copper and cast iron collectibles.

For the doll collectors there is Abigail’s Doll Room filled with dolls from yesteryear, Madame Alexander - Revlon - Kewpies and lots more. Barbie may end up with her own room very soon!

Beautiful pieces of antique furniture; there are tiger oak, mahogany and walnut dining rooms, occasional tables, China cabinets, chests and armoires to fill a room. Beautiful bedroom suites, secretaries and bookcases line the walls.

Listen in, to Talk of the Bay, as Ann, passionate about her antiques and collectibles, tells us how she got started and what she has to offer, at the Park Avenue Showplace.

Ann will host the Grand Opening of Park Avenue Showplace on Thursday, November 13. You will want to be there for this event!

Editor’s Note: Each week Ann will be sending us Nammy’s Hints; all those great tips on how to care for your own treasures and even some hints on how to shop for authentic collectibles and antiques.

The Park Avenue Showplace is located at 447 Highway 3 South in League city. For more information visit

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