One Stop Party Shop – Webster

The holiday season is here and one of the best places to get some beautiful holiday ideas is One Stop Party Shop.

Mark and Karen Keesler, owners of One Stop Party Shop, have everything you need for your holiday entertaining. For more than 15 years, Karen and Mark have served everyone from Houston to Galveston.

Take a look online at  for a complete list inventory and photos. Or stop by and let Chris or Jamie show you the beautiful showroom filled with holiday ideas. Oh, and don’t forget to visit with Carol, she’s the very talented decorator and floral designer that can help bring your own ideas to life.

Located conveniently off of Highway 3, in Webster One Stop Party Shop offers easy and convenient pick up and drop off or they can have your event equipment delivered right to you.

And as a holiday special, mention that you saw One Stop Party Shop on WIREDIN and you’ll receive a 10% discount off your entire rental cost. Call 281-338-9898 and Crystal wil get you started on the road to a perfect holiday party. check out their showroom...

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