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October 11 – Salute to Service Golf Scramble – League City

It was a gorgeous day to swing a club and swing they did at the beautiful South Shore Harbour Country Club.  More than a dozen four man teams jumped on board to support the Salute To Service event scheduled to happen in November. After the play completed, team members gathered at the clubhouse for a BBQ dinner and both a silent and live auction.  All funds raised go towards bringing wounded soldiers to the City of Kemah for a weekend of relaxation and fun.  Listen in as event coordinator, Heather Hardwick, visits with Talk of the Bay about the Salute to Service event.  Kemah Texas

Plans are currently underway to honor and thank our veterans in a very special and unique way. With the help of Houston’s Bay Area communities and our patriotic and generous donors, the Salute To Service, Kemah Texas event will bring some of our heroes and their families to Kemah, the Gateway to the bay, on November 12-14. This special weekend promises to be filled with an array of military and land activities. Static displays, a fishing tournament and boat parade, feasts and live music are some of the highlights scheduled for this weekend. 

The Salute to Service Kemah, Texas is a family oriented event not just for Kemah and the Bay Area, but for the whole state of Texas designed to help our soldiers and their families participate in activities that take their minds off their grueling rehabilitations and the struggles of their daily lives. For our wounded soldiers, a relaxing and fun weekend of ‘R & R’ away from the hospital is needed and a chance for all to say thanks and show our appreciation to those who volunteer to protect our country. check out the photos...

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