WYC Kemah Texas

photos by
Eddie Harper

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October 9 – Waterford Yacht Club Cardboard Regatta - Kemah

On Saturday afternoon, Waterford Yacht Club held its Cardboard Regatta. It was a gorgeous day on the bay to hold this unique race and four teams took on the challenge of building and sailing their racing craft. Unlike Noah and without Devine assistance, these racing teams had to construct their crafts in two hours using cardboard, plastic and of course duct tape. 

Amazingly each boat was sturdy enough to stay afloat and so the race was on. One team, clearly had the lead; at least until they were brutally attached by pirates!  Yes, these Jack Sparrow wannabes attacked the lead vessel and although the captain, his crew and a brave mermaid put up a mighty defense they succumbed to the pirates. Adding salt to the wound, a very stealth watercraft came to the aid of yet another race boat, towing them across the finish line for the not so ‘official win. Seizing the victory, the winning crew shared their spoils of victory with all in attendance. 

For more fun information about the Waterford Yacht Club visit www.WaterfordYC.com.

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