photos by
Eddie Harper & Dennis Hart

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October 29 thru 31 – ReMax Ballunar Liftoff Festival – Clear Lake ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

Up, up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon…Early Saturday morning, beautiful hot air balloons could be seen floating overhead towards the Johnson Space Center. Taking off from strategically planned starting points these amazing aircraft use wind currents to reach their targets. Competitions are held for balloonists who toss small sandbags from high up in their baskets on to a specific target area and throwing a hula hoop over the nose of a space shuttle.

Rows of vendors with a wide variety of goods for sale, rocket scientists shooting their rockets into the air, and skydivers entertained visitors throughout the day.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visited with Doug Grimes, Bill Adler, and Mike Summerlin. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, and the 2010 ReMax Ballunar Liftoff Festival…check out the photos…

IMG_7026 IMG_7028 IMG_7031 IMG_7032
IMG_7026.jpg IMG_7028.jpg IMG_7031.jpg IMG_7032.jpg
IMG_7033 IMG_7034 IMG_7035 IMG_7036
IMG_7033.jpg IMG_7034.jpg IMG_7035.jpg IMG_7036.jpg
IMG_7038 IMG_7039 IMG_7040 IMG_7729
IMG_7038.jpg IMG_7039.jpg IMG_7040.jpg IMG_7729.jpg
IMG_7738 IMG_7740 IMG_7742 IMG_7744
IMG_7738.jpg IMG_7740.jpg IMG_7742.jpg IMG_7744.jpg
IMG_7747 IMG_7749 IMG_7751 IMG_7752
IMG_7747.jpg IMG_7749.jpg IMG_7751.jpg IMG_7752.jpg
IMG_7753 IMG_7754 IMG_7756 IMG_7757
IMG_7753.jpg IMG_7754.jpg IMG_7756.jpg IMG_7757.jpg
IMG_7758 IMG_7759 IMG_7760 IMG_7762
IMG_7758.jpg IMG_7759.jpg IMG_7760.jpg IMG_7762.jpg
IMG_7763 IMG_7764 IMG_7765 IMG_7766
IMG_7763.jpg IMG_7764.jpg IMG_7765.jpg IMG_7766.jpg
IMG_7767 IMG_7779 IMG_7784 IMG_7785
IMG_7767.jpg IMG_7779.jpg IMG_7784.jpg IMG_7785.jpg
IMG_7788 IMG_7789 IMG_7790 IMG_7791
IMG_7788.jpg IMG_7789.jpg IMG_7790.jpg IMG_7791.jpg
IMG_7793 IMG_7795 IMG_7796 IMG_7797
IMG_7793.jpg IMG_7795.jpg IMG_7796.jpg IMG_7797.jpg
IMG_7798 IMG_7800 IMG_7803 IMG_7805
IMG_7798.jpg IMG_7800.jpg IMG_7803.jpg IMG_7805.jpg
IMG_7808 IMG_7809 IMG_7810 IMG_7811
IMG_7808.jpg IMG_7809.jpg IMG_7810.jpg IMG_7811.jpg
IMG_7820 IMG_7821 IMG_7824 IMG_7828
IMG_7820.jpg IMG_7821.jpg IMG_7824.jpg IMG_7828.jpg
IMG_7831 IMG_7833 IMG_7846 IMG_7847
IMG_7831.jpg IMG_7833.jpg IMG_7846.jpg IMG_7847.jpg
IMG_7848 IMG_7849 IMG_7850 IMG_7851
IMG_7848.jpg IMG_7849.jpg IMG_7850.jpg IMG_7851.jpg
IMG_7852 IMG_7854 IMG_7855 IMG_7856
IMG_7852.jpg IMG_7854.jpg IMG_7855.jpg IMG_7856.jpg
IMG_7858 IMG_7859 IMG_7860 IMG_7861
IMG_7858.jpg IMG_7859.jpg IMG_7860.jpg IMG_7861.jpg
IMG_7862 IMG_7863 IMG_7865 IMG_7866
IMG_7862.jpg IMG_7863.jpg IMG_7865.jpg IMG_7866.jpg
IMG_7867 IMG_7868 IMG_7871 IMG_7872
IMG_7867.jpg IMG_7868.jpg IMG_7871.jpg IMG_7872.jpg
IMG_7873 IMG_7874 IMG_7875 IMG_7876
IMG_7873.jpg IMG_7874.jpg IMG_7875.jpg IMG_7876.jpg
IMG_7877 IMG_7878 IMG_7879 IMG_7880
IMG_7877.jpg IMG_7878.jpg IMG_7879.jpg IMG_7880.jpg
IMG_7881 IMG_7882 IMG_7884 IMG_7885
IMG_7881.jpg IMG_7882.jpg IMG_7884.jpg IMG_7885.jpg
IMG_7886 IMG_7887 IMG_7888 IMG_7889
IMG_7886.jpg IMG_7887.jpg IMG_7888.jpg IMG_7889.jpg
IMG_7890 IMG_7892 IMG_7893 IMG_7894
IMG_7890.jpg IMG_7892.jpg IMG_7893.jpg IMG_7894.jpg
IMG_7895 IMG_7896 IMG_7897 IMG_7898
IMG_7895.jpg IMG_7896.jpg IMG_7897.jpg IMG_7898.jpg
IMG_7899 IMG_7900 IMG_7901 IMG_7902
IMG_7899.jpg IMG_7900.jpg IMG_7901.jpg IMG_7902.jpg
IMG_7904 IMG_7906 IMG_7907 IMG_7908
IMG_7904.jpg IMG_7906.jpg IMG_7907.jpg IMG_7908.jpg
IMG_7909 IMG_7911 IMG_7913 IMG_7914
IMG_7909.jpg IMG_7911.jpg IMG_7913.jpg IMG_7914.jpg
IMG_7915 IMG_7916 IMG_7917 IMG_7918
IMG_7915.jpg IMG_7916.jpg IMG_7917.jpg IMG_7918.jpg
IMG_7919 IMG_7920 IMG_7921 IMG_7922
IMG_7919.jpg IMG_7920.jpg IMG_7921.jpg IMG_7922.jpg
IMG_7923 IMG_7924 IMG_7925 IMG_7926
IMG_7923.jpg IMG_7924.jpg IMG_7925.jpg IMG_7926.jpg
IMG_7931 IMG_7932 IMG_7934 IMG_7936
IMG_7931.jpg IMG_7932.jpg IMG_7934.jpg IMG_7936.jpg
IMG_7937 IMG_7938 IMG_7939 IMG_7941
IMG_7937.jpg IMG_7938.jpg IMG_7939.jpg IMG_7941.jpg
IMG_7942 IMG_7943 IMG_7944 IMG_7945
IMG_7942.jpg IMG_7943.jpg IMG_7944.jpg IMG_7945.jpg
IMG_7947 IMG_7949 IMG_7950 IMG_7951
IMG_7947.jpg IMG_7949.jpg IMG_7950.jpg IMG_7951.jpg
IMG_7952 IMG_7955 IMG_7957 IMG_7958
IMG_7952.jpg IMG_7955.jpg IMG_7957.jpg IMG_7958.jpg
IMG_7961 IMG_7962 IMG_7965 IMG_7969
IMG_7961.jpg IMG_7962.jpg IMG_7965.jpg IMG_7969.jpg
IMG_7970 IMG_7971 IMG_7972 IMG_7973
IMG_7970.jpg IMG_7971.jpg IMG_7972.jpg IMG_7973.jpg
IMG_7974 IMG_7975 IMG_7976 IMG_7978
IMG_7974.jpg IMG_7975.jpg IMG_7976.jpg IMG_7978.jpg
IMG_7979 IMG_7981 IMG_7982 IMG_7984
IMG_7979.jpg IMG_7981.jpg IMG_7982.jpg IMG_7984.jpg
IMG_7985 IMG_7986 IMG_7987 IMG_7988
IMG_7985.jpg IMG_7986.jpg IMG_7987.jpg IMG_7988.jpg
IMG_7989 IMG_7991 IMG_7994 IMG_7997
IMG_7989.jpg IMG_7991.jpg IMG_7994.jpg IMG_7997.jpg
IMG_7998 IMG_7999 IMG_8000 IMG_8001
IMG_7998.jpg IMG_7999.jpg IMG_8000.jpg IMG_8001.jpg
IMG_8002 IMG_8003 IMG_8004 IMG_8005
IMG_8002.jpg IMG_8003.jpg IMG_8004.jpg IMG_8005.jpg