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Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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October 15 - Wine & Dine | League City

The Wine & Dine event hosted by the League City Rotary and held in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom of South Shore Harbour Resort was certainly the place to be on Friday, October 15. Hundreds of guests were kicking up their heels dancing to the lively music, tasting 10 wonderful wines and hitting the gaming tables. Screams of fun and excitement could be heard across the room as the dice hit the banks of the craps tables and turned up winning numbers or when that magical ‘21’ came up in someone’s Blackjack hand. The appetizers were wonderful, as usual, and the silent auction was filled with exciting items. A 5 night stay at the Lost Iguana Resort was THE sought after raffle item. 

Listen in as Talk of the Bay captures some of the fun and excitement. Be sure to put this one on your event calendar for next year…we certainly will. check out the fun... 

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IMG_5928.jpg IMG_5929.jpg IMG_5930.jpg IMG_5931.jpg
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IMG_5959.jpg IMG_5960.jpg IMG_5961.jpg IMG_5962.jpg
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IMG_6492.jpg IMG_6493.jpg IMG_6494.jpg IMG_6496.jpg
IMG_6497 IMG_6498 IMG_6501 IMG_6502
IMG_6497.jpg IMG_6498.jpg IMG_6501.jpg IMG_6502.jpg
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IMG_6505.jpg IMG_6506.jpg IMG_6507.jpg IMG_6508.jpg
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IMG_6534 IMG_6536 IMG_6537 IMG_6538
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IMG_6539 IMG_6540 IMG_6541  
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