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December 10 – Holiday Party with the Parrot Heads – League City

Parrot Heads in Paradise, a fun loving, party making and community minded group of people. We were invited to attend their holiday celebration here in League City, and celebrate they did.  Everyone from the casual guest to the card carrying Parrot Head enjoyed the live music, the tons of food and of course a few brews. 

The Parrot Heads are an international organization that memorize Jimmy Buffet songs, love pink flamingos, wear funny looking hats, consume a beer or two, dance the night away, travel together to other Parrot Head events all while giving back to the community in a very caring way. The Parrot Head motto: Party with a Purpose! This means they have great parties and great fun while raising funds for a number of charitable organizations throughout the nation. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we learn more about the Parrot Heads from the Vice President of the national organization, Pege Wright. check them out on the web at

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