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February 12 – Friday Nite Fun with Krewe Babalu – Galveston

Led by a purple haired lady, guys in funny hats and beads flying everywhere and in spite of the cold weather the All Krewe Parade, hosted by the fun loving Krewe Babalu, was on its way.  Thousands of people lined Mechanics Row and The Strand waiting to get their hands on the treasures tossed by float riders.  Young kids to so quite so young kids, with arms held out pleaded for beads.  It was great! After the parade, hundreds of party goers went up stairs to the balcony.  Parade Watchers , strategically moved underneath the ledges, of the historic downtown Galveston buildings, looking for even more of the wonderful Mardi Gras throws to come raining down.  Inside, the band played, pirates danced and Krewe Babalu hosted yet another very success balcony party. 

Listen in as Gladden Walters, President of Krewe Babalu and Jim Harrison, organizer of the Fat Tuesday Public Celebration tell Talk of the Bay about the fun happening in Galveston. Editor’s Note:  On several occasions, Krewe Babalu has extended a warm invitation to Mardi Gras with their Krewe.  Each time, we have had a blast. Thank you Krewe Babalu….we love you guys, see ya on Tuesday! Love that purple hair Angela.

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