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February 5 – Mardi Gras 2010 – Bay Area

Opening weekend of Mardi Gras is here!  Krewes unveiled floats and kicked off the 2010 Mardi Gras with beads, masks, costumes and revelry.  We started off our weekend celebrating with the official Krewe of Kemah, Krewe du Lac.  Lead by their Premier of Fun, Annabelle Ruch, the Krewe celebrated at Bakkhaus Taverna, for a night of good food, fun and drink.  This year’s theme for the Krewe is Pirates of the Far East and we certainly saw everything that a well dressed pirate should wear. Each year, Krewe du Lac hosts the Krewe du Lac Truck Parade.  Leading the only Mardi Gras parade south of the Galveston Bridge, the Krewe rolls through the Kemah Lighthouse District finishing up at T Bone Tom’s for a party, of course! Want more information on Krewe du Lac.  Visit

Next stop was Galveston, specifically to visit our friends with Krewe Babalu.  Gladden Walters, the President of Krewe Babalu, had his Amigos para Siempre going through dress rehearsals on proper bead throwing and merry making.  Newly renovated King Baba and Queen Lu, mounted on the front of the float, will lead this Krewe through the streets of Galveston during the Aquarius Parade and the Gambrinus Parade on Saturday, February 7.  Next weekend, Krewe Babalu will host the All Krewe Parade and participate in the Momus Grand Parade. 

And folks if you want a chance to truly experience the fun of Mardi Gras, ride a float in a Mardi Gras parade.   $100 will get you a float ride with these merry makers.  And that includes beads! Contact Galdden Walters at or 281-703-3331. 

Listen in as Talk of the Bay catches some of the fun moments with both of these Purple, Green and Gold loving Krewes!

IMG_6577 IMG_6578 IMG_6579 IMG_6580
IMG_6577.jpg IMG_6578.jpg IMG_6579.jpg IMG_6580.jpg
IMG_6581 IMG_6582 IMG_6583 IMG_6584
IMG_6581.jpg IMG_6582.jpg IMG_6583.jpg IMG_6584.jpg
IMG_6585 IMG_6586 IMG_6587 IMG_6588
IMG_6585.jpg IMG_6586.jpg IMG_6587.jpg IMG_6588.jpg
IMG_6589 IMG_6590 IMG_6591 IMG_6592
IMG_6589.jpg IMG_6590.jpg IMG_6591.jpg IMG_6592.jpg
IMG_6593 IMG_6594 IMG_6595 IMG_6598
IMG_6593.jpg IMG_6594.jpg IMG_6595.jpg IMG_6598.jpg
IMG_6599 IMG_6601 IMG_6603 IMG_6604
IMG_6599.jpg IMG_6601.jpg IMG_6603.jpg IMG_6604.jpg
IMG_6605 IMG_6606 IMG_6607 IMG_6608
IMG_6605.jpg IMG_6606.jpg IMG_6607.jpg IMG_6608.jpg
IMG_6610 IMG_6611 IMG_6612 IMG_6614
IMG_6610.jpg IMG_6611.jpg IMG_6612.jpg IMG_6614.jpg
IMG_6616 IMG_6617 IMG_6618 IMG_6619
IMG_6616.jpg IMG_6617.jpg IMG_6618.jpg IMG_6619.jpg
IMG_6620 IMG_6621 IMG_6623 IMG_6625
IMG_6620.jpg IMG_6621.jpg IMG_6623.jpg IMG_6625.jpg
IMG_6626 IMG_6627 IMG_6628 IMG_6629
IMG_6626.jpg IMG_6627.jpg IMG_6628.jpg IMG_6629.jpg
IMG_6630 IMG_6631 IMG_6632 IMG_6633
IMG_6630.jpg IMG_6631.jpg IMG_6632.jpg IMG_6633.jpg
IMG_6634 IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6637
IMG_6634.jpg IMG_6635.jpg IMG_6636.jpg IMG_6637.jpg
IMG_6638 IMG_6639 IMG_6640 IMG_6641
IMG_6638.jpg IMG_6639.jpg IMG_6640.jpg IMG_6641.jpg
IMG_6642 IMG_6644 IMG_6645 IMG_6646
IMG_6642.jpg IMG_6644.jpg IMG_6645.jpg IMG_6646.jpg
IMG_6647 IMG_6648 IMG_6649 IMG_6650
IMG_6647.jpg IMG_6648.jpg IMG_6649.jpg IMG_6650.jpg
IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6654 IMG_6655
IMG_6651.jpg IMG_6652.jpg IMG_6654.jpg IMG_6655.jpg
IMG_6656 IMG_6657 IMG_6658 IMG_6659
IMG_6656.jpg IMG_6657.jpg IMG_6658.jpg IMG_6659.jpg
IMG_6660 IMG_6661 IMG_6662 IMG_6663
IMG_6660.jpg IMG_6661.jpg IMG_6662.jpg IMG_6663.jpg
IMG_6664 IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6668
IMG_6664.jpg IMG_6666.jpg IMG_6667.jpg IMG_6668.jpg
IMG_6669 IMG_6670 IMG_6671 IMG_6674
IMG_6669.jpg IMG_6670.jpg IMG_6671.jpg IMG_6674.jpg
IMG_6677 IMG_6679 IMG_6680 IMG_6681
IMG_6677.jpg IMG_6679.jpg IMG_6680.jpg IMG_6681.jpg
IMG_6683 IMG_6684 IMG_6685 IMG_6686
IMG_6683.jpg IMG_6684.jpg IMG_6685.jpg IMG_6686.jpg
IMG_6687 IMG_6688 IMG_6689 IMG_6690
IMG_6687.jpg IMG_6688.jpg IMG_6689.jpg IMG_6690.jpg
IMG_6691 IMG_6692 IMG_6693 IMG_6694
IMG_6691.jpg IMG_6692.jpg IMG_6693.jpg IMG_6694.jpg
IMG_6699 IMG_6702 IMG_6703 IMG_6704
IMG_6699.jpg IMG_6702.jpg IMG_6703.jpg IMG_6704.jpg
IMG_6705 IMG_6707 IMG_6708 IMG_6710
IMG_6705.jpg IMG_6707.jpg IMG_6708.jpg IMG_6710.jpg
IMG_6711 IMG_6712 IMG_6713 IMG_6714
IMG_6711.jpg IMG_6712.jpg IMG_6713.jpg IMG_6714.jpg
IMG_6715 IMG_6716 IMG_6717 IMG_6718
IMG_6715.jpg IMG_6716.jpg IMG_6717.jpg IMG_6718.jpg
IMG_6719 IMG_6720 IMG_6721 IMG_6722
IMG_6719.jpg IMG_6720.jpg IMG_6721.jpg IMG_6722.jpg
IMG_6723 IMG_6724 IMG_6725 IMG_6726
IMG_6723.jpg IMG_6724.jpg IMG_6725.jpg IMG_6726.jpg
IMG_6727 IMG_6728 IMG_6729 IMG_6730
IMG_6727.jpg IMG_6728.jpg IMG_6729.jpg IMG_6730.jpg
IMG_6731 IMG_6732 IMG_6733 IMG_7368
IMG_6731.jpg IMG_6732.jpg IMG_6733.jpg IMG_7368.jpg
IMG_7369 IMG_7374 IMG_7375 IMG_7378
IMG_7369.jpg IMG_7374.jpg IMG_7375.jpg IMG_7378.jpg