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February 14 – The Pet Parade and Childrens’ Parade – Galveston

The sun was shining, the water sparkled just off the Seawall and kids and pets were everywhere. The pet parade hosted by the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux and the Mardi Gras Children’s Parade hosted by the Local 571 Firefighters is an absolute favorites of ours and they always draw large crowds of spectators. First the pet parade; dogs, cats, horses, lambs, turtles, and ferrets were in abundance. Every size, shape and color was well represented. Some pets were in matching costumes either with other pets or their owners, some were being carried and some took charge and pulled their owners down the middle of the road but everyone had a great time and it is always a fun sight to watch. This parade benefits the daily operations of the Galveston Island Humane Society.

Following the pet parade came the children’s parade. Kids know how to do Mardi Gras! These kiddos threw beads and candy galore while hundreds of ‘little’ spectators scampered around gathering up the goodies. There were some wonderfully decorated floats following the “Salute to Hollywood” theme; everything from Snow White and her many dwarfs to Hollywood Beauty Queens. And to add to these festivities, the Mummers were once again in the mix; with their wonderful music and absolutely stunning outfits, they were without a doubt a wonderful hit. If you love animals and kids; this is the day for you. Enjoy the photos...check em out!

Editor’s Note: We had some technical difficulties on Sunday so not all of our photos will be published…We’ll be back next year to make up for it.

IMG_8525 IMG_8526 IMG_8527 IMG_8528
IMG_8525.jpg IMG_8526.jpg IMG_8527.jpg IMG_8528.jpg
IMG_8529 IMG_8530 IMG_8531 IMG_8532
IMG_8529.jpg IMG_8530.jpg IMG_8531.jpg IMG_8532.jpg
IMG_8533 IMG_8534 IMG_8535 IMG_8536
IMG_8533.jpg IMG_8534.jpg IMG_8535.jpg IMG_8536.jpg
IMG_8537 IMG_8538 IMG_8539 IMG_8540
IMG_8537.jpg IMG_8538.jpg IMG_8539.jpg IMG_8540.jpg
IMG_8541 IMG_8542 IMG_8544 IMG_8545
IMG_8541.jpg IMG_8542.jpg IMG_8544.jpg IMG_8545.jpg
IMG_8546 IMG_8547 IMG_8548 IMG_8549
IMG_8546.jpg IMG_8547.jpg IMG_8548.jpg IMG_8549.jpg
IMG_8550 IMG_8551 IMG_8552 IMG_8554
IMG_8550.jpg IMG_8551.jpg IMG_8552.jpg IMG_8554.jpg
IMG_8555 IMG_8556 IMG_8557 IMG_8558
IMG_8555.jpg IMG_8556.jpg IMG_8557.jpg IMG_8558.jpg
IMG_8559 IMG_8560 IMG_8561 IMG_8562
IMG_8559.jpg IMG_8560.jpg IMG_8561.jpg IMG_8562.jpg
IMG_8563 IMG_8564 IMG_8565 IMG_8566
IMG_8563.jpg IMG_8564.jpg IMG_8565.jpg IMG_8566.jpg
IMG_8567 IMG_8568 IMG_8569 IMG_8570
IMG_8567.jpg IMG_8568.jpg IMG_8569.jpg IMG_8570.jpg
IMG_8571 IMG_8572 IMG_8573 IMG_8574
IMG_8571.jpg IMG_8572.jpg IMG_8573.jpg IMG_8574.jpg
IMG_8575 IMG_8576 IMG_8577 IMG_8578
IMG_8575.jpg IMG_8576.jpg IMG_8577.jpg IMG_8578.jpg
IMG_8579 IMG_8580 IMG_8581 IMG_8582
IMG_8579.jpg IMG_8580.jpg IMG_8581.jpg IMG_8582.jpg
IMG_8583 IMG_8584 IMG_8585 IMG_8586
IMG_8583.jpg IMG_8584.jpg IMG_8585.jpg IMG_8586.jpg
IMG_8587 IMG_8588 IMG_8589 IMG_8590
IMG_8587.jpg IMG_8588.jpg IMG_8589.jpg IMG_8590.jpg
IMG_8591 IMG_8592 IMG_8593 IMG_8594
IMG_8591.jpg IMG_8592.jpg IMG_8593.jpg IMG_8594.jpg
IMG_8595 IMG_8596 IMG_8597 IMG_8598
IMG_8595.jpg IMG_8596.jpg IMG_8597.jpg IMG_8598.jpg
IMG_8599 IMG_8600 IMG_8601 IMG_8603
IMG_8599.jpg IMG_8600.jpg IMG_8601.jpg IMG_8603.jpg
IMG_8604 IMG_8605 IMG_8606 IMG_8607
IMG_8604.jpg IMG_8605.jpg IMG_8606.jpg IMG_8607.jpg
IMG_8608 IMG_8609 IMG_8610 IMG_8611
IMG_8608.jpg IMG_8609.jpg IMG_8610.jpg IMG_8611.jpg
IMG_8612 IMG_8613 IMG_8614 IMG_8615
IMG_8612.jpg IMG_8613.jpg IMG_8614.jpg IMG_8615.jpg
IMG_8616 IMG_8617 IMG_8618 IMG_8619
IMG_8616.jpg IMG_8617.jpg IMG_8618.jpg IMG_8619.jpg
IMG_8620 IMG_8621 IMG_8622 IMG_8623
IMG_8620.jpg IMG_8621.jpg IMG_8622.jpg IMG_8623.jpg
IMG_8624 IMG_8625 IMG_8626 IMG_8627
IMG_8624.jpg IMG_8625.jpg IMG_8626.jpg IMG_8627.jpg
IMG_8628 IMG_8629 IMG_8630 IMG_8631
IMG_8628.jpg IMG_8629.jpg IMG_8630.jpg IMG_8631.jpg
IMG_8632 IMG_8633 IMG_8634 IMG_8635
IMG_8632.jpg IMG_8633.jpg IMG_8634.jpg IMG_8635.jpg
IMG_8636 IMG_8637 IMG_8638 IMG_8639
IMG_8636.jpg IMG_8637.jpg IMG_8638.jpg IMG_8639.jpg
IMG_8640 IMG_8641 IMG_8642 IMG_8643
IMG_8640.jpg IMG_8641.jpg IMG_8642.jpg IMG_8643.jpg
IMG_8644 IMG_8645 IMG_8646 IMG_8647
IMG_8644.jpg IMG_8645.jpg IMG_8646.jpg IMG_8647.jpg
IMG_8648 IMG_8649 IMG_8650 IMG_8651
IMG_8648.jpg IMG_8649.jpg IMG_8650.jpg IMG_8651.jpg
IMG_8652 IMG_8653 IMG_8654 IMG_8655
IMG_8652.jpg IMG_8653.jpg IMG_8654.jpg IMG_8655.jpg
IMG_8656 IMG_8657 IMG_8658 IMG_8659
IMG_8656.jpg IMG_8657.jpg IMG_8658.jpg IMG_8659.jpg
IMG_8660 IMG_8661 IMG_8662 IMG_8663
IMG_8660.jpg IMG_8661.jpg IMG_8662.jpg IMG_8663.jpg
IMG_8664 IMG_8665 IMG_8666 IMG_8667
IMG_8664.jpg IMG_8665.jpg IMG_8666.jpg IMG_8667.jpg
IMG_8668 IMG_8669 IMG_8670 IMG_8671
IMG_8668.jpg IMG_8669.jpg IMG_8670.jpg IMG_8671.jpg
IMG_8672 IMG_8673 IMG_8674 IMG_8675
IMG_8672.jpg IMG_8673.jpg IMG_8674.jpg IMG_8675.jpg
IMG_8676 IMG_8677 IMG_8678 IMG_8679
IMG_8676.jpg IMG_8677.jpg IMG_8678.jpg IMG_8679.jpg
IMG_8680 IMG_8681 IMG_8682 IMG_8683
IMG_8680.jpg IMG_8681.jpg IMG_8682.jpg IMG_8683.jpg
IMG_8684 IMG_8685 IMG_8686 IMG_8687
IMG_8684.jpg IMG_8685.jpg IMG_8686.jpg IMG_8687.jpg
IMG_8688 IMG_8692 IMG_8693 IMG_8694
IMG_8688.jpg IMG_8692.jpg IMG_8693.jpg IMG_8694.jpg
IMG_8695 IMG_8696 IMG_8697 IMG_8700
IMG_8695.jpg IMG_8696.jpg IMG_8697.jpg IMG_8700.jpg
IMG_8701 IMG_8702 IMG_8703 IMG_8704
IMG_8701.jpg IMG_8702.jpg IMG_8703.jpg IMG_8704.jpg
IMG_8705 IMG_8706 IMG_8707 IMG_8708
IMG_8705.jpg IMG_8706.jpg IMG_8707.jpg IMG_8708.jpg
IMG_8709 IMG_8710 IMG_8712 IMG_8713
IMG_8709.jpg IMG_8710.jpg IMG_8712.jpg IMG_8713.jpg
IMG_8714 IMG_8715    
IMG_8714.jpg IMG_8715.jpg