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February 6 – Hangin’ With Z Krewe – Galveston

It was the first day of Mardi Gras Parades and the fun-loving Zanies, proudly wearing their beautiful green jackets, were in full swing.  Leasing a 3 story home right on the Seawall, the Zanies moved in and setup for a weekend of partying. Foods of all varieties, drinks of every kind and of course beads galore were everywhere.  Z Krewe was ready to celebrate Mardi Gras. Krewe members lined up on the front porch area and the balconies on the 2nd & 3rd floors for a great view of the day of parades. 

Between the parades, the merry making was still going on. Paul Rogers, aka ‘Big Daddy’ was very busy inventing this year’s special Zestival drink. With a recipe only known to Big Daddy, Krewe members readily volunteered to be taste testers, several times. The final vote for this shot style drink aptly named “Z-amp” will be served at the Z Krewe balcony parties next weekend, February 12 & 13. And needless to say a couple shots of ‘Z-amp’ will certainly keep you warm regardless of the temperatures outside.   

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visit with some of the Zanies from Z-Krewe.     

And for those of you that are interested in participating in the Zestival balcony parties, Z Krewe has a special offer just for you…Come to Zestival as a Guest and leave as a Member. If you come as a guest and join Z Krewe your Guest Ticket will be converted to a Membership Ticket, on the spot. What does that mean? You get to attend the remainder of this year’s parties as a Z Krewe member. This means the Z Krewe Processional & Zestival II on Saturday, February 13 too!  Too much fun… Check it out

Editor’s Note: would like to extend a very sincere thank you to Z Krewe. Your hospitality is gracious, your Krewe members make us feel welcomed and of course the times we spend with you are always filled with great food, drinks and fun.

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IMG_7046 IMG_7047 IMG_7048 IMG_7049
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IMG_7050 IMG_7052 IMG_7053 IMG_7055
IMG_7050.jpg IMG_7052.jpg IMG_7053.jpg IMG_7055.jpg
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