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December 31 – January 1, New Year’s Eve – Bay Area

2008, a year a lot of us will never forget. Eddie and I got curious and started looking through our collection of Event Photos for 2008. Naturally, it spawned conversation about some of the really cool events that we attended in the last 12 months. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to randomly select photos and create a 2008 in review gallery. So take a look and enjoy our Talk of the Bay Reflection of 2008. And from all of us, Happy New Year!!

Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns)
"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne."
Music by Ronnie Browne

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DSCN0716[1].jpg IMG_0208[2].jpg IMG_0316[1].jpg IMG_0546[1].jpg
IMG_0597[1] IMG_0751[1] IMG_0902 IMG_1136[1]
IMG_0597[1].jpg IMG_0751[1].jpg IMG_0902.jpg IMG_1136[1].jpg
IMG_1460[1] IMG_1682[2] IMG_1801[1] IMG_2027[2]
IMG_1460[1].jpg IMG_1682[2].jpg IMG_1801[1].jpg IMG_2027[2].jpg
IMG_2434[1] IMG_2467[1] IMG_2626[1] IMG_2648[2]
IMG_2434[1].jpg IMG_2467[1].jpg IMG_2626[1].jpg IMG_2648[2].jpg
IMG_3067[1] IMG_3118 IMG_3374[2] IMG_3375
IMG_3067[1].jpg IMG_3118.jpg IMG_3374[2].jpg IMG_3375.jpg
IMG_3432[1] IMG_3433 IMG_3729[2] IMG_3821[1]
IMG_3432[1].jpg IMG_3433.jpg IMG_3729[2].jpg IMG_3821[1].jpg
IMG_4119[1] IMG_4346[2] IMG_4564[1] IMG_4648[2]
IMG_4119[1].jpg IMG_4346[2].jpg IMG_4564[1].jpg IMG_4648[2].jpg
IMG_5078[1] IMG_5150[1] IMG_5446[1] IMG_5463
IMG_5078[1].jpg IMG_5150[1].jpg IMG_5446[1].jpg IMG_5463.jpg
IMG_5464 IMG_5705[2] IMG_5927[1] IMG_6007[1]
IMG_5464.jpg IMG_5705[2].jpg IMG_5927[1].jpg IMG_6007[1].jpg
IMG_6319[1] IMG_6373[1] IMG_6437 IMG_6533[2]
IMG_6319[1].jpg IMG_6373[1].jpg IMG_6437.jpg IMG_6533[2].jpg
IMG_6631[1] IMG_6661[2] IMG_6803[1] IMG_6992[1]
IMG_6631[1].jpg IMG_6661[2].jpg IMG_6803[1].jpg IMG_6992[1].jpg
IMG_7015[2] IMG_7731[1] IMG_7757[1] IMG_7767[2]
IMG_7015[2].jpg IMG_7731[1].jpg IMG_7757[1].jpg IMG_7767[2].jpg
IMG_8353[1] IMG_8409[2] IMG_8740[1] IMG_8978[1]
IMG_8353[1].jpg IMG_8409[2].jpg IMG_8740[1].jpg IMG_8978[1].jpg
IMG_9456[1] IMG_9774[1] Picture 032[1] Santa by the Sea 08024[1]
IMG_9456[1].jpg IMG_9774[1].jpg Picture 032[1].jpg Santa by the Sea 08024[1].jpg

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