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January 21, 2011 – All That Rodeo Jazz | Nassau Bay ~ gallery 2

2011 Fashions spiced with Roaring 20’s flair were presented at the All That Rodeo Jazz fashion show hosted by the NASA, Clear Creek, Friendswood Go Texan Rodeo Committee. This 45th year of the fashion show was a huge hit with Lenny Matazuski at the helm. Choreographed to combine modern fashion trends with both the fun flair of rodeo and the roaring 20’s really took some talent and Lenny did an awesome job.  

Community models strutted down the catwalk wearing the latest fashions from local area boutiques and stores. Hair styles were created by stylists from Visible Changes and makeup artists were provided by Lancome at Dillards-Bay Brook. 

Included in the day of fun was both a live and silent auction, a wonderful lunch and a fun theme party following the fashion show. Many thanks to, event coordinator, Libby Escalante for the great job!

Listen in as Talk of the Bay speaks with Taylor Whitiker, Chairman of the Go Texan Committee, about the fashion show fun!

Coming up next on the rodeo scene is the Trail Riders Dinner Dance on February 22. Followed by the Hooters To Horns bus trip to the rodeo on March 17. 

The purpose of the NASA, Clear Creek/Friendswood Metro Go Texas Subcommittee is to promote the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo TM. The committee is responsible for increasing awareness of the Show through special Go Texan functions such as The Celebrity Celebration, Cowboys and Cowgirls Who Cook, The Fashion Show, the Trailride Dinner Dance and the Rodeo Bus Trip. 

In 2010, ten exceptional high school seniors from Clear Creek ISD and Friendswood ISD High Schools were each awarded a $15,000 four year scholarship.

Thank you all for your support over the years and we hope you will continue to join us at each of our upcoming events. 

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