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February 4 & 5 – Victorian Weekend | League City

The League City Historic Shoppes Merchant Association is presenting the Texas Victorian Weekend. Join the fantasy fun at the” Titanic Mystery Dinner” that takes place on Feb. 4th, 2011 at South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center. Enjoy, a ghastly killing that took place on the famous ship Titanic the night before she sank.  Guests are challenged to travel back in time and try to solve the mystery. The Tickets are $75.00 for couples and $40.00 for individuals for the Titanic Murder Mystery Dinner.
J’Nean Henderson, President of the League City Historic, “We are very excited about the potential of this event becoming something the public will look forward to year after year.” We have asked prominent members of our community to assist us, including Jason E.Ebey of the League City Chamber of Commerce, Jane McFaddin - Board Member of the Butler Longhorn Museum, Nancy Richards of Butler’s Courtyard .Wes Adair of Murder by Chocolate serves as our director. Victorian Costumes are encouraged and are available for rental at The Texas Victorian Lady.

 Saturday evening is The Sweetheart’s Ball at Tad Akers, located at 218 Clear Creek Ave. The Sweetheart Ball is a southern belle debutante presentation. The requirements to become a Belle  are 13-21 years of age, Victorian or formal attire requested for both events, have a male escort (fathers are always welcomed escorts), and complete an application. Belle participants’ tickets are complimentary. The Tickets are $75.00 for couples and $40.00 for individuals for The Sweetheart’s Ball.
The proceeds from the Texas Victorian Weekend will go to enhance the Historic District of League City. In order to preserve the history of the area, provide brochures for the unique shops, museums, homes and buildings in the district. Corporate Sponsorships are available to assist in preservation. You may order tickets online at www.leaguecityhistoricshoppes.com.

To volunteer or more information call 713-299-4777 or 281-338-9090.  You can also visit Nana’s Attic in Founder’s Square to buy tickets.

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