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November 8, 2011| Riedel Wine Glass Seminar |Nassau Bay

Almost 100 people attended the Riedel wine glass seminar held on Tuesday November 8th at the Nasa Hilton Clear Lake. The event featured guest speaker Maximillian Riedel, 11th generation family member and co-owner of Riedel Crystal. With 255 years of glassware manufacturing, the Riedel Crystal was also the first company to introduce varietal specific glassware. 

Featuring 4 pieces of stemware from the new Vinum XL series, Maximillian guided guests through an entertaining and informative seminar. Each glass was perfectly paired with a Bookwalter Riesling, David Bruce Chardonnay, David Bruce DB select Pinot Noir and Goldschmidt Katheryn’s Cabernet. By the end of the evening there was no doubt in anyone’s mind just how much more the bouquet and flavor of wine can be enjoyed in a properly designed wine glass.  

Introducing two of Riedel’s hand blown decanters the “Mamba” and the “Snake “,Maximillian  demonstrated how to properly decant wine. Both of these uniquely shaped decanters infuse up to 17 times more oxygen into the wine than standard decanters; making the wines more quickly prepared for consumption at their peak quality.

Certainly a “world class” event, we would like to thank Maximillian Riedel for sharing his extensive knowledge of both wine and glassware. We’d also like to thank all of our guests for joining us for an enjoyable and unique experience.   

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