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December 1 - 4, 2011| Holiday In The Park | League City ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

The Holiday in the Park, hosted and directed by the League City Proud organization, was a wonderful holiday success. This traditional Christmas weekend included a holiday themed movie event on Friday night, a great holiday festival on Saturday and of course the hugely popular Grand Parade, Saturday evening. 

Tens of thousands of spectators lined Main Street in League City while more than 133 parade entries danced, twirled, rolled, tumbled and strutted themselves down the parade route much to the delight of their huge audience. One of the more outstanding moments was the arrival of Kris Kringle; riding in their own private sleigh Santa and Mrs. Claus, along with their little helpers, brought Christmas to League City. 

Congratulations to the folks in the League City Proud committee; once again they efforts have brought a wonderful Christmas event to the bay area.  Kings Biergarten & Restaurant Pearland Texas

This Holiday In The Park video is Underwritten by: King’s Biergarten & Restaurant  1329 E. Broadway St, Pearland . If you love authentic Austrian/German Cuisine and great German beers visit King's Biergarten & Restaurant, in Pearland!

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IMG_1749.jpg IMG_1754.jpg IMG_1756.jpg IMG_1759.jpg
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IMG_1765.jpg IMG_1766.jpg IMG_2209.jpg IMG_2210.jpg
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IMG_2220.jpg IMG_3573.jpg IMG_3575.jpg IMG_3576.jpg
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IMG_3577.jpg IMG_3580.jpg IMG_3581.jpg IMG_3582.jpg
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IMG_6561.jpg IMG_6562.jpg IMG_6563.jpg IMG_6564.jpg
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IMG_6569.jpg IMG_6571.jpg IMG_6572.jpg IMG_6573.jpg
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IMG_6574.jpg IMG_6575.jpg IMG_6576.jpg IMG_6577.jpg
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_DSC0443.jpg _DSC0444.jpg _DSC0445.jpg _DSC0446.jpg
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_DSC0448.jpg _DSC0449.jpg _DSC0450.jpg _DSC0452.jpg
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_DSC0454.jpg _DSC0455.jpg _DSC0457.jpg _DSC0458.jpg
_DSC0459 _DSC0460 _DSC0461 _DSC0462
_DSC0459.jpg _DSC0460.jpg _DSC0461.jpg _DSC0462.jpg
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_DSC0463.jpg _DSC0464.jpg _DSC0465.jpg _DSC0466.jpg
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_DSC0472 _DSC0473    
_DSC0472.jpg _DSC0473.jpg