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December 11, 2011 | Clear Lake Boat Lane Parade | Clear Lake ~ Gallery 1 ~ Gallery 2 ~ Awards Breakfast

Celebrating a gold anniversary the participants of the 50th Clear Lake Boat Lane Parade enjoyed a weekend of fun, holiday cheer and great Christmas weather. Approximately 100 boats of all sizes, shapes and categories, decorated from stem to stern, paraded through Clear Lake and out into Galveston Bay. Thousands of spectators gathered along the shoreline between Nassau Bay and the Kemah Boardwalk to watch the festival of lights parading through the Kemah channel. Crowd favorites included the Dancing Elvises, the Leg Lamp and a Tangled Web.   

On Sunday morning, boaters gathered at South Shore Harbor for the awards ceremony.  Special tribute was given to R.B. “Bob” Taylor the gentleman who started this wonderful Christmas tradition, 50 years ago. Five decades later, Bob is still holds an active role with the boat parade committee.   

Participating boaters were awarded in six divisions and several length categories.  Included in the competition was the Man-Powered category; never ceasing to amaze the crowds Chris Allen completed his 23rd year of rowing through the entire boat parade. Upholding his tradition, Chris was  accompanied by his boating companion, ’Spuds’; a cross between Santa’s Rudolph and Budweiser’s adorable Bull Terrier ‘Spuds McKinsey’. 

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