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December 7 | Christmas In The Village | Friendswood

The star of Bethlehem rose high above the barn where Mary (Marigene) and Joseph (Mark C.) took shelter.  Angels and Shepherds arrived and paid homage as Baby Jesus was born…

Celebrating 38 years, the Hope Village staff and Villagers hosted their traditional Christmas show treating guests to a wonderful 3 part program.  Filled with traditional Christmas Carols, The Nativity reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas. 

In the second segment, program producers used a little creative licensing and brought Cinderella (Margaret), her wicked step-sisters (Kelly and Josephine) and step-mother (Penny) to life.  Cinderella arrived at the ball and Prince Charming (Aaron), vowed to find the beautiful lady whose glass slipper was left behind at the stroke of midnight. United at last, Cinderella and Prince Charming danced the night away and lived happily ever after, in the Village of Hope. 

Featured in the third segment was none other than Santa Claus.  Joining the jolly guy in red was Villager Mike (aka Elvis), the Oompa Loompas all the way from the Chocolate Factory and of course Frosty the Snowman (Wesley). 

This wonderful Christmas pageant is truly a gift of love from Hope Village to the community.
Join Talk of the Bay as we truly enjoy Christmas In The Village.

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