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February 25, 2011 – Go Red Luncheon | League City

The Go Red For Women is the American Heart Association’s national campaign to increase awareness of heart disease – the leading cause of death for women – and to inspire women to make the choice to take charge of their heart health.  Its fundraising efforts support the educational programs the American Heart Association provides and the life-saving research it funds to reduce the effects of heart disease in women.

The Crystal Ballroom at South Shore Harbour Resort was a vast and elegant sea of red.  The traditional Puse-onality auction tables lined the walls with fabulous handbags and baskets filled with wine, jewelry, and tons of other wonderful items.  Rachel McNeil, from Local 2, served as the emcee and speaker, author, Linda Larsen was the wonderfully talented and informative key-note speaker.  Adding even more entertainment to the luncheon were Heart Throbs David Johnson, O.D. (The Doctor), Cpt. Christopher Ploss (The Soldier), Slade Lewis (The Jeweler) and Kevin Debes (The Landscaper).  This year’s top Heart Throb was The Soldier. 

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