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February 25 – 2011 Mardi Gras | Galveston ~ World Record Umbrella Dance

A new addition to  Mardi Gras Galveston was the Umbrella Brigade. A walking processional, where more than 500 costumed participants lined The Strand holding Mardi Gras themed umbrellas. Marching through Galveston’s historic district these merrymakers donned umbrellas outlined with boa feathers, blinking lights, beads and bells. There was a family of jelly fish like umbrellas, umbrellas that sparkled and an umbrella who’s owner looked like Donald Duck. But not only were these folks having an outrageously good time they also broke the Guinness World record for doing an umbrella dance. Stopping in front of the Tremont House, the entire parade performed the Hokey Pokey dance for 5 minutes.

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