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February 12 – Disco Fever Hits Z Krewe | Galveston ~ gallery 2

The Zanies out did themselves at their 2011 Coronation Ball!  John Travolta would have watched with envy as the Z Krewe Royal Court competed in their disco dance contest. But compete as they may, the winners were clear as they out sparkled, out lighted and out danced the other contestants. King Zanie XVII, Alex Petty and his beautiful Queen Zanie XVII, Linda Potter wowed the crowd and stole the show in their gold sequence and lighted attire.

With the stage set during the coronation, the disco dance fever continued throughout the evening where the dance floor was filled with huge bell bottom pants, 3” platform shoes and of course the twirling lights from a huge disco ball.

Listen in as the 2011 King and Queen have some fun with Talk of the Bay.

Interested in joining the fun loving Zanies in some of their upcoming events?   http://www.zkrewe.net/ 

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IMG_8545.jpg IMG_8546.jpg IMG_8547.jpg IMG_8551.jpg
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IMG_8556.jpg IMG_8559.jpg IMG_8560.jpg IMG_8562.jpg
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