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photos by Paul Fjelsta

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March 12 – San Antonio Riverwalk Celebrates St. Patti’s Day | Bay Area & Beyond

Signs of spring were popping up everywhere; trees and flowers so recently dormant were starting to show signs of life and blossom. The sun was shining and the temperatures were mild, it was a great time to take a quick getaway to San Antonio. 

Millions of people stroll the Riverwalk each year and any weekend on the Riverwalk is a great people watching experience but this weekend was exceptionally fun. The narrow walkway along the river was crowded with bagpipe players, people with funny green hats and of course many folks relaxing and enjoying traditional green beer and margaritas. 

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration included a boat parade along the river where river pontoons were dressed in shiny green tinsel and riders donned their favorite Irish outfits.  There was live music, lots of parade waves, and cheering from both the parade participants and parade watchers. This annual tradition also includes renaming the river to the O’Shannon River and coloring it green; even the ducks enjoyed it.    

If you can, take a weekend out from your busy schedule and enjoy a trip to the Riverwalk.  Go hungry and select your favorite restaurant, along the water.  Enjoy! 

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