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March 3 thru 6 - Yachty Gras and Krewes Into Kemah Celebrations | Kemah gallery 1

The Kemah Mardi Gras fun started on Thursday night with a ghost tour through the city of Kemah, Friday members of the Krewe du Lac hosted a traditional Mardi Gras party, Saturday brought the Yachty Gras Parade to the Kemah Boardwalk, where boats decorated in green, gold and purple.

It was a beautiful crisp evening and Outriggers was filled with excited people waiting for the Mardi Gras boat parade. Some gathered as early as 3:00 pm to ensure themselves the best seats in the house. Krewe du Lac members, certainly not to be outdone, donned the traditional purple, green and gold colors and funny hats.

The fun started a little early as the parade boats practiced their maneuvers through the Kemah channel as crews and guests practice them aim for throwing beads. Around 7pm, the official parade started and the fun, loud cheers and bead throwing commenced. With outstretched arms and ear to ear grins, onlookers, standing on the docks, chanted and yelled begging for the treasured Mardi Gras beads. Congratulations to the winners of the boat parade. Certainly a great time was had by all.

On Sunday, members of Krewe du Lac the official Mardi Gras Krewe of Kemah, donned their beautiful pirate outfits. Some were the traditional black and red, some in Mardi Gras colors but all were very creative and fun.

The Krewes into Kemah happening started with a children’s parade where kids and parents enjoyed Mardi Gras fun. Following the kids parade was the Kewes Into Kemah Parade where revelers posed on top of vehicles throwing beads and tokens to parade onlookers. Pardi Gras, yet another Mardi Gras party, followed the parades. Vendors lined the outside of T-Bone Tom’s selling their wares as party participants enjoyed the live entertainment and cheered for their favorite in the first annual Krewes Into Kemah Crawfish Eating contest. Wiredin.cc is proud to say that our own little coon ass, Eddie Harper, downed his crawfish the quickest. Once again, Kemah celebrated this fun tradition, in true Mardi Gras style.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visit with Lauren Kirby, of Krewe du Lac.

Yachty Gras Parade Winner:








Sea Pro

Ed Cooper





For Pete's Sake

Peter Wallace





Kings Jester

Allan w. Graham





Very Good Year

Paul Mac Donald



1 s


Sandcastle II

Micky Nutherly





Rae Sea

Robert Messer



3 s


Brenda Lovey

Wendell Mills



best of show


For more details, call the Kemah Visitor Center, 281-334-3181 Kemah TX

Breeze into Kemah, The Gateway to the Bay

Kemah Visitor Center 604 Bradford  Kemah, TX 77565  887-775-3624   www.kemah-tx.gov  

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