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April 15 - 17, 2011 – Under The Bridge Crawfish Festival | Kemah

The first annual Under The Bridge Crawfish Festival was held under the Kemah bridge; a unique venue for a unique festival.  The smells of the spicey crawfish boil wafted through the air as tens of thousands of visitors strolled through the festival grounds.  Vendors selling their wares and food wagons serving anything from corn dogs to tasty tacos were all on hand. 

Featured acts and activities included Ava Kay Jones, Voodoo & Yoruba Priestess.  Ava, well known in New Orleans, brought her gris-gris bags, potions and dolls; all items used to invoke positive thought and energy into their new owners.

The Cajun King of Cookers, James Wimberly oversaw the cooking of the crawfish. James is one of the top boilers throughout Louisiana, Texas and Alabama and has catered at the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion.

The Kids Area included crawfish races, eating contests and watermelon seed spittin’ contests.  With a great lineup of live music and the amazing number of festival goers this was one great big mudbug event.  Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with James Wimberly and Domino Taylor, the Director of Fun & Excitement for the City of Kemah. 

Breeze into Kemah, The Gateway to the Bay Kemah TX

Kemah Visitor Center 604 Bradford  Kemah, TX 77565  887-775-3624   www.kemah-tx.gov   Bookmark and Share

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