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April 10, 2011 – Blessing Of The Fleet at Lakewood Yacht Club | Seabrook gallery 1

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon a perfect day for the 56th Blessing Of The Fleet at Lakewood Yacht Club.

The traditional ceremonies started off with a bang; seriously from the sound of a cannon, ladies were stylishly dressed in beautiful Spring attire and wonderfully big hats while the gentlemen wore the handsome, traditional whites.  Twenty six new vessels were christened as the members looked on.  Bookmark and Share gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

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IMG_9659.jpg IMG_9660.jpg IMG_9661.jpg IMG_9662.jpg
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IMG_9663.jpg IMG_9664.jpg IMG_9666.jpg IMG_9667.jpg
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IMG_9668.jpg IMG_9669.jpg IMG_9670.jpg IMG_9671.jpg
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