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Wednesday Nights from April Until October | Clear Lake ~ gallery 3

Every Wednesday evening from April until October, sailing enthusiasts get together for a friendly sailboat race on the waters of Clear Lake. These races were created with spectators in mind. Villa Capri offers the best viewing area with both the Start and Finish lines just off the Villa Capri bulkheads. Lance’s Turtle Club, also a great viewing spot, is the turning mark for the courses.

Races start promptly at 6:15 PM and finish at sunset. A lively and educational rolling commentary of the race is narrated by Buddy Brown, a 16 year veteran of this race. Listen in with Talk of the Bay as we visit with Buddy on the committee boat out on Clear Lake.

Visit www.clearlakeracing.com to learn the Racing Rules, read the race instructions, then come out and join the fun either as a member of a crew or as your own boat captain. Check out the photos… gallery 1 ~ gallery 2 ~ gallery 3

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IMG_1350.jpg IMG_1351.jpg IMG_1352.jpg IMG_1355.jpg
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IMG_1356.jpg IMG_1357.jpg IMG_1363.jpg IMG_1365.jpg
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IMG_1367.jpg IMG_1369.jpg IMG_1370.jpg IMG_1372.jpg
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IMG_1373.jpg IMG_1375.jpg IMG_1376.jpg IMG_1377.jpg
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IMG_1404.jpg IMG_1406.jpg IMG_1407.jpg IMG_1411.jpg
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IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1428 IMG_1430
IMG_1426.jpg IMG_1427.jpg IMG_1428.jpg IMG_1430.jpg
IMG_1431 IMG_1432 IMG_1434 IMG_1436
IMG_1431.jpg IMG_1432.jpg IMG_1434.jpg IMG_1436.jpg
IMG_1437 IMG_1440 IMG_1441 IMG_1442
IMG_1437.jpg IMG_1440.jpg IMG_1441.jpg IMG_1442.jpg
IMG_1443 IMG_1445 IMG_1448 IMG_1449
IMG_1443.jpg IMG_1445.jpg IMG_1448.jpg IMG_1449.jpg
IMG_1450 IMG_1451 IMG_1454 IMG_1455
IMG_1450.jpg IMG_1451.jpg IMG_1454.jpg IMG_1455.jpg
IMG_1456 IMG_1457 IMG_1459 IMG_1463
IMG_1456.jpg IMG_1457.jpg IMG_1459.jpg IMG_1463.jpg
IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1466 IMG_1470
IMG_1464.jpg IMG_1465.jpg IMG_1466.jpg IMG_1470.jpg
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IMG_1486.jpg IMG_1487.jpg IMG_1489.jpg IMG_1490.jpg
IMG_1493 IMG_1494 IMG_1495 IMG_1496
IMG_1493.jpg IMG_1494.jpg IMG_1495.jpg IMG_1496.jpg
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IMG_1498.jpg IMG_1499.jpg IMG_1500.jpg IMG_1501.jpg
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IMG_1502.jpg IMG_1503.jpg IMG_1504.jpg IMG_1505.jpg
IMG_1506 IMG_1508 IMG_1510 IMG_1511
IMG_1506.jpg IMG_1508.jpg IMG_1510.jpg IMG_1511.jpg
IMG_1512 IMG_1514 IMG_1515 IMG_1516
IMG_1512.jpg IMG_1514.jpg IMG_1515.jpg IMG_1516.jpg
IMG_1517 IMG_1519 IMG_1525 IMG_1526
IMG_1517.jpg IMG_1519.jpg IMG_1525.jpg IMG_1526.jpg
IMG_1527 IMG_1529 IMG_1531 IMG_1532
IMG_1527.jpg IMG_1529.jpg IMG_1531.jpg IMG_1532.jpg
IMG_1533 IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537
IMG_1533.jpg IMG_1535.jpg IMG_1536.jpg IMG_1537.jpg
IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1541 IMG_1543
IMG_1538.jpg IMG_1539.jpg IMG_1541.jpg IMG_1543.jpg
IMG_1545 IMG_1546 IMG_1547 IMG_1548
IMG_1545.jpg IMG_1546.jpg IMG_1547.jpg IMG_1548.jpg
IMG_1549 IMG_1550 IMG_1551 IMG_1552
IMG_1549.jpg IMG_1550.jpg IMG_1551.jpg IMG_1552.jpg
IMG_1552 (2) IMG_1554 IMG_1555 IMG_1558
IMG_1552 (2).jpg IMG_1554.jpg IMG_1555.jpg IMG_1558.jpg
IMG_1559 IMG_1561 IMG_1562 IMG_1564
IMG_1559.jpg IMG_1561.jpg IMG_1562.jpg IMG_1564.jpg
IMG_1566 IMG_1568 IMG_1571 IMG_1578
IMG_1566.jpg IMG_1568.jpg IMG_1571.jpg IMG_1578.jpg
IMG_1580 IMG_1581 IMG_1582 IMG_1583
IMG_1580.jpg IMG_1581.jpg IMG_1582.jpg IMG_1583.jpg