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Wednesday Nights from April Until October | Clear Lake ~ gallery 2

Every Wednesday evening from April until October, sailing enthusiasts get together for a friendly sailboat race on the waters of Clear Lake. These races were created with spectators in mind. Villa Capri offers the best viewing area with both the Start and Finish lines just off the Villa Capri bulkheads. Lance’s Turtle Club, also a great viewing spot, is the turning mark for the courses.

Races start promptly at 6:15 PM and finish at sunset. A lively and educational rolling commentary of the race is narrated by Buddy Brown, a 16 year veteran of this race. Listen in with Talk of the Bay as we visit with Buddy on the committee boat out on Clear Lake.

Visit www.clearlakeracing.com to learn the Racing Rules, read the race instructions, then come out and join the fun either as a member of a crew or as your own boat captain. Check out the photos… gallery 1 ~ gallery 2 ~ gallery 3

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IMG_1584.jpg IMG_1585.jpg IMG_1590.jpg IMG_1591.jpg
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IMG_1595.jpg IMG_1598.jpg IMG_1599.jpg IMG_1600.jpg
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IMG_1601.jpg IMG_1602.jpg IMG_1603.jpg IMG_1604.jpg
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IMG_1606.jpg IMG_1607.jpg IMG_1608.jpg IMG_1609.jpg
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IMG_1610.jpg IMG_1611.jpg IMG_1612.jpg IMG_1614.jpg
IMG_1616 IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1623
IMG_1616.jpg IMG_1618.jpg IMG_1619.jpg IMG_1623.jpg
IMG_1624 IMG_1626 IMG_1627 IMG_1629
IMG_1624.jpg IMG_1626.jpg IMG_1627.jpg IMG_1629.jpg
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IMG_1630.jpg IMG_1631.jpg IMG_1632.jpg IMG_1633.jpg
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IMG_1644.jpg IMG_1645.jpg IMG_1648.jpg IMG_1649.jpg
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IMG_1651.jpg IMG_1652.jpg IMG_1653.jpg IMG_1654.jpg
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IMG_1655.jpg IMG_1659.jpg IMG_1660.jpg IMG_1661.jpg
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IMG_1662.jpg IMG_1663.jpg IMG_1665.jpg IMG_1669.jpg
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IMG_1670.jpg IMG_1671.jpg IMG_1672.jpg IMG_1673.jpg
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IMG_1675.jpg IMG_1676.jpg IMG_1677.jpg IMG_1678.jpg
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IMG_1679.jpg IMG_1680.jpg IMG_1681.jpg IMG_1682.jpg
IMG_1683 IMG_1684 IMG_1685 IMG_1686
IMG_1683.jpg IMG_1684.jpg IMG_1685.jpg IMG_1686.jpg
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IMG_1688.jpg IMG_1689.jpg IMG_1690.jpg IMG_1692.jpg
IMG_1693 IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_1697
IMG_1693.jpg IMG_1695.jpg IMG_1696.jpg IMG_1697.jpg
IMG_1698 IMG_1699 IMG_1701 IMG_1703
IMG_1698.jpg IMG_1699.jpg IMG_1701.jpg IMG_1703.jpg
IMG_1704 IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1708
IMG_1704.jpg IMG_1706.jpg IMG_1707.jpg IMG_1708.jpg
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IMG_1729.jpg IMG_1730.jpg IMG_1731.jpg IMG_1732.jpg
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IMG_1733.jpg IMG_1735.jpg IMG_1736.jpg IMG_1738.jpg
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IMG_1740.jpg IMG_1742.jpg IMG_1743.jpg IMG_1744.jpg
IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1748
IMG_1745.jpg IMG_1746.jpg IMG_1747.jpg IMG_1748.jpg
IMG_1751 IMG_1752 IMG_1753 IMG_1754
IMG_1751.jpg IMG_1752.jpg IMG_1753.jpg IMG_1754.jpg
IMG_1755 IMG_1758 IMG_1759 IMG_1760
IMG_1755.jpg IMG_1758.jpg IMG_1759.jpg IMG_1760.jpg
IMG_1761 IMG_1762 IMG_1764 IMG_1765
IMG_1761.jpg IMG_1762.jpg IMG_1764.jpg IMG_1765.jpg
IMG_1766 IMG_1768 IMG_1771 IMG_1775
IMG_1766.jpg IMG_1768.jpg IMG_1771.jpg IMG_1775.jpg
IMG_1782 IMG_1783 IMG_1784 IMG_1786
IMG_1782.jpg IMG_1783.jpg IMG_1784.jpg IMG_1786.jpg
IMG_1791 IMG_1794 IMG_1796 IMG_1797
IMG_1791.jpg IMG_1794.jpg IMG_1796.jpg IMG_1797.jpg
IMG_1799 IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1802
IMG_1799.jpg IMG_1800.jpg IMG_1801.jpg IMG_1802.jpg
IMG_1803 IMG_1804 IMG_1805 IMG_1807
IMG_1803.jpg IMG_1804.jpg IMG_1805.jpg IMG_1807.jpg
IMG_1809 IMG_1810 IMG_1811 IMG_1814
IMG_1809.jpg IMG_1810.jpg IMG_1811.jpg IMG_1814.jpg
IMG_1815 IMG_1817 IMG_1819 IMG_1820
IMG_1815.jpg IMG_1817.jpg IMG_1819.jpg IMG_1820.jpg
IMG_1821 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1824
IMG_1821.jpg IMG_1822.jpg IMG_1823.jpg IMG_1824.jpg
IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1827 IMG_1828
IMG_1825.jpg IMG_1826.jpg IMG_1827.jpg IMG_1828.jpg
IMG_1829 IMG_1833 IMG_1834 IMG_1835
IMG_1829.jpg IMG_1833.jpg IMG_1834.jpg IMG_1835.jpg
IMG_1837 IMG_1840    
IMG_1837.jpg IMG_1840.jpg