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May 26, 2011 – Hope Village Fashion Show & Luncheon | Friendswood -- gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

Once again a sold out event, the Fashion show & Luncheon presented by Hope Village was a complete success.  Eight of the villagers, started off the show with a bang; modeling fashions featured in the Hope Village Resale Store. These playful models walked the runway waving, throwing kisses and beaming with smiles; an absolute hit with the audience. Bouquets of flowers were presented to each of the villagers.

This year’s western theme brought a new flavor to the event. Boots, by Bonnie Blue, of all design, color and style were featured.  A beautiful peacock designed pair custom created for Brittany Booker, Miss Houston 2011 were to die for.  

Miss Houston along with other community models pranced through the rest of the show wearing beautiful creations sponsored by The Clotheshorse and Jill’s Fashions & Bridal. Sophisticated casual attire perfect for Houston summers and evening gowns for prom or a special evening were on display in every color and pattern combination thinkable.  Animal prints were a hot item. 

Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with Brittany Booker, Miss Houston.  Be on the lookout for Brittany as she moves towards the Miss Texas competition. 

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