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May 13 – Stomp at the Grand 1894 Opera House | Galveston

Now, in it’s 20th year, Stomp continues to entertain, amaze and inspire audiences around the globe. The talented cast uses a variety of everyday items from plastic grocery bags, brooms, empty paint cans, inner tubes and even kitchen sinks to produce high energy rhythm and dance music. Suspend performers from scaffolding two stories high, throw in some hysterical pranks and add great choreography and interaction with the audience and you have Stomp, a performance that is nothing less than uniquely awesome.

Following the show, the Wiredin family gathered in the Edna Room, of The Grand, for a reception where we were thrilled to have the cast members join us for a little fun. Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with Maureen Patton, Exec. Director of The Grand and John and Andre of Stomp. 

A special note to Andre Fernandez: Malama pono, a hui hoe! Hawaii rocks! For more information about Stomp visit http://www.stomponline.com Colosseum Restaurant Clear Lake Texas

A special thank you to the Colosseum Italian Restaurant for once again providing great appetizers for our reception. The Colosseum Italian Restaurant - Clear Lake’s best kept secret!  Call Heather Johnston @ 281-704-0279 or email heather@colosseuminc.com.

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