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May 20- 22, 2011 – 38th Annual Strawberry Festival 2011 | Pasadena gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

Thousands of beautiful red strawberries lined the entrance.  All for packaged and ready to take home and boy were they absolutely delicious. Vendors galore lined the inside of the Pasadena Convention Center and visitors came through shopping and eating pieces of one huge Strawberry Shortcake.

More than 125 teams competed in the Mud Volleyball Tournament with the Dirty Dogs (sponsored by TNT Hair and Spa) coming up as 2 time winners! Just a few steps away live music played continuously throughout the weekend and tents lined the fairgrounds as hundreds of BBQ Cookoff Teams competed. 

The midway, filled with carnival fun, was packed as crowds of people made their way to ride, food vendors and more shopping. Activities along the midway included pig racing, mutton bustin’, the Swam Master Alligator Show and motorcycle stunt performers.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with some of the fun loving people at the Pasadena Strawberry Festival. 

Viva Las Berries!
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