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July 8, 2011 – Boot Scootin’ Longhorn Social | League City

Grab your boots and dust off your hats, we got us a brand new social. The folks at the Butler Longhorn Museum will be raisin’ the roof hosting their first Boot Scootin’ Longhorn Social in the Crystal Ballroom at South Shore Harbour Resort. There will be a raffle, couple a auctions, lots of music for dancin’ and a good ole beef steak dinner. So mark your calendars and git yourselves on out there. 

Important stuff
When:  Friday, July 8,  Startin’ at 6:30pm
Where:  South Shore Harbour Resort – Crystal Ballroom
Tickets:  Just call Miss Bette at 281-332-3961 and she’ll get you some tickets

Hats Off To
Service Steel Warehouse, South Shore Harbour Resort, and Black Rose Steel, for supportin’ this grand event! Bookmark and Share

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