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May 21, 2011 – World Turtle Day | League City

Tortuga Haven consists of several different facilities. Each facility is run by a caring, loving, experienced individual. Each facility interacts with each other and shares a vast amount of knowledge and information from which charges in our care will benefit. While it is true that many that come through our facilities are eligible for wild release there are always those that are not. Those that are not eligible are placed into the adoption /rehoming program and found appropriate, loving homes.

Learn a little bit about Box Turtle and more as Talk of the Bay visits with Alma Solice, Director at Torgua Haven. 

The philosophy at Tortuga Haven Houston is a simple one. From Freedom it came - To Freedom it shall return. All living creatures deserve the best possible life. And that it shall have. For more info visit www.TortugaHaven.com

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