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June 19, 2011 – Tina Montana Benefit Concert & Fundraiser | Seabrook

Sunday, June 19 friends of Tina Montana, from around the bay area,  pulled together to raise funds at a concert and benefit for Tina’s children. While riding as a passenger, Tina was killed early Saturday morning (06/11/11) in a tragic car accident. Tina leaves behind FOUR children, Zane (19), Cerise (17), Greg (13) and Alana (10).   

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as friends, Ed Garza, Deborah Bly, Natalie Lopez, and Theresa Waldroup talk about Tina and how you can help. To make a donation please visit TinaMontana.com.

I met Tina 1 1/2 years go at a business mixer at Sam's Boat. She was such a pleasure to know! Her contagious smile would light up the room and make you want to smile! She introduced me to a lot of people she already knew and made me feel very relaxed ~ like a sister.  I just recently began to hang out with her and loved her company! She will truly be missed and I will never forget her beautiful smile! Memories are such a blessing to be able to cherish!

Lori Whistler

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