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July – Riviera Maya Destination Wedding and Vacation | Mexico

With friends and family gathered together we headed for the beautiful Riviera Maya region of Mexico.  Located about midway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, this region of Mexico offers stunning beaches, great fishing, diving and an awesome setting for a wedding.  That’s right, I’m delighted to announce that, after a 2 ½ year engagement,  Paul Fjelsta and I were married on July 19 on a beautiful beach at the Grand Mayan resort. 21 of our family members and friends, from Houston, Minnesota and Hawaii were there and joined us in the ceremony and celebration; and celebrate we did…a entre week of it. 

Snorkling, SCUBA diving, fishing, parasailing, jet skis and of course there were a few happy hours at the pool; all having a great time in beautiful surroundings. There were also a couple of side trips to Playa del Carmen and Cozumel for shopping and water sports. 

There also some very special moments throughout the week. In the evening hours, when the moon is full, huge sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Because these animals are an endangered species, the Protective Services workers gather the eggs and transfer them to a protected beach area increasing their rate of survival. We were very fortunate to witness this wonderful treat, up close. We’re very proud to say that our ‘Tortuga Mamasita’ measured 5’ long and 3 ½ feet wide and rendered more than 100 eggs.

For our last evening together we gathered at the Harvest Moon restaurant, located within the resort, where the chef prepared the catch of the day, a 35 pound Wahoo, which my grandson, Randy Foster caught earlier in the day. Add to that some Snapper, a great band and dancing and the week ended on a wonderful note. 

Although it was very sad to say farewell, we’re all in the mode of making plans to meet at another wonderful destination vacation spot. 

Editor’s Note: 
If you need a dive instructor, in the Riviera Maya region, contact Jorge Alberto Pacheco E. at

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