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July 4, 2011 – A Salute to Volunteerism | Kemah ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

A wonderful small town Fourth of July parade followed by a big town fireworks show, a true 4th of July celebration. Led by Mayor Bob Cummins, the Children’s parade made its way through the Kemah Lighthouse District. Bicycles, wagons, little kids and big kids all decorated in red, white and blue. Following the kids parade, the new mayor of Kemah also led the Salute to Volunteerism parade. Judges strategically placed on the porch Miss Sylvia’s Cozy Corner rated entries on Spirit, Creativity and Patriotism. Winners were awarded at the gathering held at T-Bone Toms.

Later that evening, the pyrotechnics took over the skies. Fireworks of every size and color lit up the night and filled the view overlooking Galveston Bay.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay joins in this wonderful Independence Day tradition.Kemah Tx

Breeze into Kemah ~ The Gateway to the Bay ~

Kemah Visitor Center  604 Bradford Kemah, Tx. 887-775- 3624  www.kemah-tx.gov  

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