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September 23 thru 25 | Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival | Kemah

Internationally recognized the Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival celebrated their 13th anniversary this weekend, September 22nd through the 25th. Each year the festival presents a Lifetime Achievement Award. This year’s award recipient was Marsha Mason who’s most popular works include Cinderella Liberty, Goodbye Girl, Only When I Laugh and Heartbreak Ridge. A mixer reception, at the Clear Creek Winery, kicked off the weekend festivities Friday night. Saturday included a day of video screenings and judging culminating in the 2011 awards ceremony at South Shore Harbour Resort. Sunday festival goers had more opportunities to view the 2010 award winning films. 

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visit with Hal Wixon, founding director of the Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival and four time Oscar nominee Marsha Mason. Kemah Tx

Many thanks to the City of Kemah for hosting yet another great event.

Breeze into Kemah ~ The Gateway to the Bay ~

Kemah Visitor Center  604 Bradford Kemah, Tx. 887-775- 3624  www.kemah-tx.gov  

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