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February 18 | Clear Creek Cleanup and Keep Dickinson Beautiful | Bay Area

Keeping our waterways clear and free of debris is a huge and ongoing task and for the last 13 years Rex Ward, of the Clear Creek Cleanup organization, has passionately led that charge.  On Saturday, January 21, Wiredin.cc visited with Rex and Dickinson’s Mayor Julie Masters at the Dickinson Bayou Cleanup site where, more than two dozen Dickinson high school students have volunteered their time to collect and remove more than 6 tons of trash out of Dickinson Bayou. 

This amazing collection effort of garbage and debris continues on every weekend until February 18, culminating at the Clear Creek Cleanup that Saturday at the Egret Bay Boat Ramp at 270, in League City.  Volunteers are needed for each weekend; to find out how you can also become a ‘Keeper’ of the creek please visit www.ClearCreekCleanup.org .

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as Rex Ward discusses the upcoming Clear Creek Cleanup and how you can help and Mayor Masters talks about the efforts happening on Dickinson Bayou. 

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