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Cowboy to Couture gallery 3 | Nassua Bay

January 27 | Cowboy To Couture, From The Range To The Runway | Nassau Bay ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2 ~ gallery 3

Celebrating its 46th year, the NASA Go Texan Fashion Show brought a New York City flavor to Nassau Bay.  Themed “Cowboy to Couture…From the Range to the Runway.” This show brought everything from the flair of fun of casual attire to formal elegance of evening wear.  This year was like a second debut for this long running event with changes in seating and entertainment. 

Following the fashion extravaganza guests enjoyed a wonderful luncheon provided by Tamara Vogt’s Grand Finale Catering, a silent auction filled with wonderful prizes and a very lively live auction that included an absolutely beautiful pearl and diamond necklace contributed by Don and Darla Billings, owners of Billings Jewelers, on Highway 3.   
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The proceeds will benefit the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Other than the full-ride scholarships to certain universities, like the Air Force Academy, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo contributes more money in scholarships to CCISD seniors than any other organization. Each high school in CCISD will receive at least one $16,000 scholarship this spring. Several high schools in CCISD will receive more than one.

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IMG_9196.jpg IMG_9201.jpg IMG_9204.jpg IMG_9208.jpg
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IMG_9215.jpg IMG_9217.jpg IMG_9223.jpg IMG_9226.jpg
IMG_9227 IMG_9228 IMG_9229 IMG_9233
IMG_9227.jpg IMG_9228.jpg IMG_9229.jpg IMG_9233.jpg
IMG_9234 IMG_9235 IMG_9237 IMG_9240
IMG_9234.jpg IMG_9235.jpg IMG_9237.jpg IMG_9240.jpg
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IMG_9241.jpg IMG_9242.jpg IMG_9243.jpg IMG_9244.jpg
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IMG_9245.jpg IMG_9246.jpg IMG_9247.jpg IMG_9248.jpg
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IMG_9249.jpg IMG_9250.jpg IMG_9251.jpg IMG_9252.jpg
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IMG_9253.jpg IMG_9254.jpg IMG_9255.jpg IMG_9256.jpg
IMG_9257 IMG_9258 IMG_9259 IMG_9260
IMG_9257.jpg IMG_9258.jpg IMG_9259.jpg IMG_9260.jpg