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February 17, 18 & 21 | Krewe Babalu's 2012 Balcony Party | Galveston

You are invited to Krewe Babalu’s Mardi Gras Balcony Party! We have a premier balcony, right on the corner of 23rd and the Strand. There will be bands playing outside and music inside too! Food is included in your ticket price; there will be a Cash Bar. The All Krewe Parade hosted by none other than Krewe Babalu will roll by our balcony around 8:15 PM. 
Come play with Krewe Babalu and have a great time!
February 17th:  $75
February 18th:  $110
February 21st:  $20

You can purchase tickets from any Krewe Babalu Member, or at the door. Cash or Check only please. If you wish to purchase your tickets in advance please contact: Gladden Walters  gladdenwalters@gmail.com  or email krewebabalu@hotmail.com . There will be beads for sale also! Check out the fun from last year!

Congratulations to the 2012 Krewe Babalu Royal Court:
King Baba XIV – Jerry Priess  and Queen Lu XIV – Kathy Fisk

Ladies of the Royal Court are: Connie Thompson, Terry Honeycutt, Judy Dubouis, Michelle Walters

Gentlemen of the Royal Court are: Mike Teal, Kevin Croft, Dave Thompson and Jason Honeycutt

February 17 & 18 – Live entertainment provided by the Funk Factory out of Austin.
February 21 for Fat Tuesday the live entertainment is The Line Up
George Clinton will be the Honorary Parade Marshall for the Babalu All Krewe Parade.

Enter the Krewe Babalu contest for 2 free balcony party tickets for Friday, February 17.  This balcony party is ‘the’ spot to be to watch the All Krewe Parade that night.

Simply send an email to Chiquia@Wiredin.cc  
Subject line:  I want to win Krewe Babalu Balcony Party Tickets.
The drawing will be held on Sunday February 12 and the winner will be announced on Wiredin.cc and in our eTalk of the Bay newsletter….Let the good times roll!

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IMG_4211.jpg IMG_4212.jpg IMG_4213.jpg IMG_4215.jpg
IMG_4217 IMG_4220 IMG_4222 IMG_4226
IMG_4217.jpg IMG_4220.jpg IMG_4222.jpg IMG_4226.jpg
IMG_4227 IMG_4229 IMG_4230 IMG_4234
IMG_4227.jpg IMG_4229.jpg IMG_4230.jpg IMG_4234.jpg
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IMG_4235.jpg IMG_4236.jpg IMG_4238.jpg IMG_4240.jpg
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IMG_4242.jpg IMG_4247.jpg IMG_4248.jpg IMG_4249.jpg
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IMG_4250.jpg IMG_4251.jpg IMG_4253.jpg IMG_4254.jpg
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IMG_4256.jpg IMG_4257.jpg IMG_4258.jpg IMG_4259.jpg
IMG_4260 IMG_4261 IMG_4262 IMG_4263
IMG_4260.jpg IMG_4261.jpg IMG_4262.jpg IMG_4263.jpg
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IMG_4264.jpg IMG_4265.jpg IMG_4266.jpg IMG_8383.jpg
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IMG_8405.jpg IMG_8406.jpg IMG_8408.jpg IMG_8410.jpg
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IMG_8439.jpg IMG_8440.jpg IMG_8441.jpg IMG_8443.jpg
IMG_8444 IMG_8445 IMG_8446 IMG_8447
IMG_8444.jpg IMG_8445.jpg IMG_8446.jpg IMG_8447.jpg
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IMG_8448.jpg IMG_8449.jpg IMG_8450.jpg IMG_8451.jpg
IMG_8453 IMG_8456 IMG_8460 IMG_8461
IMG_8453.jpg IMG_8456.jpg IMG_8460.jpg IMG_8461.jpg
IMG_8462 IMG_8463 IMG_8464 IMG_8465
IMG_8462.jpg IMG_8463.jpg IMG_8464.jpg IMG_8465.jpg
IMG_8467 IMG_8468 IMG_8469 IMG_8470
IMG_8467.jpg IMG_8468.jpg IMG_8469.jpg IMG_8470.jpg
IMG_8472 IMG_8473 IMG_8474 IMG_8475
IMG_8472.jpg IMG_8473.jpg IMG_8474.jpg IMG_8475.jpg
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IMG_8476.jpg IMG_8478.jpg IMG_8479.jpg IMG_8480.jpg
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IMG_8481.jpg IMG_8482.jpg IMG_8484.jpg IMG_8485.jpg
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IMG_8486.jpg IMG_8487.jpg IMG_8488.jpg IMG_8489.jpg
IMG_8490 IMG_8491 IMG_8492 IMG_8493
IMG_8490.jpg IMG_8491.jpg IMG_8492.jpg IMG_8493.jpg