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Royalty Rocks the Red Carpet gallery 1

January 28 | Z Krewe Coronation and Gala | Galveston ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

In the true spirit of Mard Gras and the true tradition of Z Krewe the Zanies celebrated the 18th annual coronation of their King and Queen.  Staying in theme and having a grand time the 2012 royal court, danced, tapped, as swayed their way across the runway.  A delightful skit brought Mae West, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and even Sean Connery to the stage in celebration of Royalty Rocks The Red Carpet.
Following the coronation fun, the krewe celebrated in true Mardi Gras style with music, second line dancing and in general a huge party which of course was followed by yet another ‘after party’.  All of this fun and frivolity was lead on by Big Daddy XVIII, Bill Pye and Big Mama XVIII Pam Lltis….Let the good times roll!

Congratulations to the 2012 Z Krewe  Royal Court:
King Zanie XVIII – Damien Treshman and Queen Zannie XVIII – Carroll Pfeiffer-Cobb
The Royal Black Zoot and Zaftig –   David Rogers and Kelly Gardner
The Royal White Zoot and Zaftig -   Dr. Dick Martin and Cyndi Gillie
The Royal Purple Zoot and Zaftig –  Tom Welch and Kristy Stepanski
The Royal Green Zoot and Zaftig –  David Mulcihy and Liz Welch

Be sure to check out the Z Krewe website www.ZKrewe.net for info and tickets to all their Mardi Gras Events!

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IMG_4659.jpg IMG_4660.jpg IMG_4661.jpg IMG_4662.jpg
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IMG_4663.jpg IMG_4665.jpg IMG_4666.jpg IMG_4667.jpg
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IMG_5179.jpg IMG_5180.jpg IMG_5181.jpg IMG_5182.jpg
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IMG_5201.jpg IMG_5202.jpg IMG_5204.jpg IMG_5205.jpg
IMG_5206 IMG_5207 IMG_5208 IMG_5209
IMG_5206.jpg IMG_5207.jpg IMG_5208.jpg IMG_5209.jpg
IMG_5210 IMG_5211 IMG_5213 IMG_5214
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IMG_5215 IMG_5216 IMG_5217 IMG_5218
IMG_5215.jpg IMG_5216.jpg IMG_5217.jpg IMG_5218.jpg
IMG_5219 IMG_5220 IMG_5221 IMG_5222
IMG_5219.jpg IMG_5220.jpg IMG_5221.jpg IMG_5222.jpg
IMG_5223 IMG_5224 IMG_5225 IMG_5226
IMG_5223.jpg IMG_5224.jpg IMG_5225.jpg IMG_5226.jpg
IMG_5227 IMG_5228 IMG_5229 IMG_5230
IMG_5227.jpg IMG_5228.jpg IMG_5229.jpg IMG_5230.jpg
IMG_5231 IMG_5232 IMG_5233 IMG_5234
IMG_5231.jpg IMG_5232.jpg IMG_5233.jpg IMG_5234.jpg
IMG_5235 IMG_5236 IMG_5237 IMG_5239
IMG_5235.jpg IMG_5236.jpg IMG_5237.jpg IMG_5239.jpg