Eyes on Tomorrow 2012

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October 20, 2012 | Eyes On Tomorrow | Webster

With the help of three very talented bands, Eyes On Tomorrow, hosted by the Bay Area Turning Point (BATP), was an entertaining and successful fundraiser.  Held at the Scout Bar in Webster; Dena Blue, Alyse Black, and the Mambo Jazz Kings provided sultry sounds of jazz and blues while the talents of local eateries like; Robinette and Company, Carrabas, and the Cock & Bull provided a variety of delicious dishes. Great music, delectable food, and the hard work of volunteers combined to raise some much needed funds for Bay Area Turning Point.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, each year during the month of October BATP hosts a unique event in hopes of raising awareness of domestic violence and  much needed funds. Find out more by visiting www.BayAreaTurningPoint.org and be sure to check out the pics

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