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2012 Lonestar Rally Photos gal 1 | Galveston ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

November 3 & 4, 2012 | Lone Star Rally | Galveston

The weather was almost perfect for this event that drew hundreds of thousands of bikers. The rally had plenty to do and see including great entertainment. This year the rally had a larger presence at the seawall where the likes of Bret Michaels and Randy Rogers performed free.

Also at the rally was Charlie “Jax” Hunnam, star of FX television network’s top rated Sons of Anarchy. Hunnam joined Outlaw Dave and about 1500 riders on a run that raised about $40,000 for the Stevens and Pruett Ranch for abused children and animals.

Congratulations to Erica Walker, the new Miss Lone Star, and huge Thanks to Del Papa Budweiser for providing Wiredin.cc a great home base to cover the event.

Enjoy the pics and video and if you want to find out more about the rally visit www.LoneStarRally.com.

Our coverage was underwritten by Cycle Stop of Webster Texas. Boyd, the owner has owned and operated this business for 20 years. He and his son Jake got my bike back Cycle Stop Webstertogether just in time for the rally and I would recommend them to anyone, give him a call at 281-280-0860 or email him at sidewayz2@verizon.net.

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