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Salute to Military Service photos | Kemah

November 2, 2012 | Salute to Military Service | Kemah

Filled with heartfelt emotion and respect, the American Legion Riders Post 554 made the journey to San Antonio from Clear Lake to escort two buses filled with wounded veterans and their families, back to Kemah.

The soldiers were being treated to a fun filled weekend of activities scheduled throughout the city of Kemah and the Kemah Boardwalk; honoring the Salute to Military Service weekend.  With flags waving in the breeze, the motorcade made their way over the Kemah bridge and into the heart of the city of Kemah. Greeted by community leaders and citizens the warriors were honored by spectators showing their appreciation. Kemah Texas
Freedom in not Free, a simple slogan tattooed on the side of each bus was a reminder of what these soldiers have sacrificed for our liberties. Enjoy the video and photos.

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