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December 10 – 23 | Christmas in Kemah | Kemah

The city of Kemah celebrated Christmas in Kemah with a visit from jolly old Santa himself and….two of his favorite reindeers. Kids and adults alike were thrilled to see the merry trio make their way to the Kemah Visitors Center. To welcome Santa to Kemah a beautiful Christmas tree was lit, officially kicking off this holiday season. 

So much fun and excitement is happening right now at Christmas in Kemah and there’s more to come….Below are the activities scheduled to happen for the remainder of Christmas in Kemah, so grab the family and head out to Kemah!!

Check out the fun so far!

Saturday, Dec 15

10 a.m.      Pet Jingles Costume Parade
1 – 4 p.m.  Meet Santa and Reindeer

Saturday and Sunday Dec. 22nd -23rd  - 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Arts & Crafts Show, City lot at Kemah Visitors Center             
Every Weekend
Santa strolling the Lighthouse District
Santa Secret Shopper Treasure Hunt
Strolling Minstrels and Choirs throughout the Lighthouse District.

Kemah Texas

For more information contact the Kemah Visitor Center at 281-334-3181 or the Kemah Merchants Association 281-538-4165. This is a City of Kemah event produced by the Kemah Merchants Association and paid for with Hotel Occupancy Tax funds.


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