Krewe Du Lac Royal Ball gallery 1 | Clear Lake

Krewe du Lac 2012 Talk of the Bay
photos by
Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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February 3, 2012 | Krewe du Lac Royal Ball | Clear Lake ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

In true tropical Mardi Gras fashion, the members and friends of Krewe du Lac celebrated on board the Spirit of Texas. The celebration was the royal ball where the 2012 court was announced. This official krewe of Kemah wasted no time in cranking up the Mardi Gras fun; with live music and lively dancing happening on the upper deck the party started strong and kept going through the evening. Laissez le Bon temp rouler!!

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IMG_4689 IMG_4690 IMG_4691 IMG_4692
IMG_4689.jpg IMG_4690.jpg IMG_4691.jpg IMG_4692.jpg
IMG_4693 IMG_4694 IMG_4695 IMG_4696
IMG_4693.jpg IMG_4694.jpg IMG_4695.jpg IMG_4696.jpg
IMG_4697 IMG_4698 IMG_4699 IMG_4701
IMG_4697.jpg IMG_4698.jpg IMG_4699.jpg IMG_4701.jpg
IMG_4703 IMG_4705 IMG_4706 IMG_4707
IMG_4703.jpg IMG_4705.jpg IMG_4706.jpg IMG_4707.jpg
IMG_4708 IMG_4709 IMG_4710 IMG_4711
IMG_4708.jpg IMG_4709.jpg IMG_4710.jpg IMG_4711.jpg
IMG_4713 IMG_4714 IMG_4715 IMG_4716
IMG_4713.jpg IMG_4714.jpg IMG_4715.jpg IMG_4716.jpg
IMG_4719 IMG_4720 IMG_4721 IMG_4722
IMG_4719.jpg IMG_4720.jpg IMG_4721.jpg IMG_4722.jpg
IMG_4723 IMG_4724 IMG_4725  
IMG_4723.jpg IMG_4724.jpg IMG_4725.jpg IMG_4726.jpg
IMG_4728 IMG_4730 IMG_4731 IMG_4733
IMG_4728.jpg IMG_4730.jpg IMG_4731.jpg IMG_4733.jpg
IMG_4734 IMG_4736 IMG_4737 IMG_4738
IMG_4734.jpg IMG_4736.jpg IMG_4737.jpg IMG_4738.jpg
IMG_4744 IMG_4745 IMG_4746 IMG_4748
IMG_4744.jpg IMG_4745.jpg IMG_4746.jpg IMG_4748.jpg
IMG_4749 IMG_4750 IMG_4752 IMG_4753
IMG_4749.jpg IMG_4750.jpg IMG_4752.jpg IMG_4753.jpg
IMG_4755 IMG_4756 IMG_4757 IMG_4762
IMG_4755.jpg IMG_4756.jpg IMG_4757.jpg IMG_4762.jpg
IMG_4764 IMG_4765 IMG_4766 IMG_4767
IMG_4764.jpg IMG_4765.jpg IMG_4766.jpg IMG_4767.jpg
IMG_4768 IMG_4769 IMG_4770 IMG_4772
IMG_4768.jpg IMG_4769.jpg IMG_4770.jpg IMG_4772.jpg
IMG_4773 IMG_4775 IMG_4776 IMG_4783
IMG_4773.jpg IMG_4775.jpg IMG_4776.jpg IMG_4783.jpg
IMG_4784 IMG_4785 IMG_4787 IMG_4788
IMG_4784.jpg IMG_4785.jpg IMG_4787.jpg IMG_4788.jpg
IMG_4789 IMG_4790 IMG_4791 IMG_4796
IMG_4789.jpg IMG_4790.jpg IMG_4791.jpg IMG_4796.jpg
IMG_4803 IMG_4806 IMG_4808 IMG_4809
IMG_4803.jpg IMG_4806.jpg IMG_4808.jpg IMG_4809.jpg
IMG_4811 IMG_4813 IMG_4814 IMG_4815
IMG_4811.jpg IMG_4813.jpg IMG_4814.jpg IMG_4815.jpg
IMG_4817 IMG_4818 IMG_4819 IMG_4820
IMG_4817.jpg IMG_4818.jpg IMG_4819.jpg IMG_4820.jpg
IMG_4821 IMG_4822 IMG_4828 IMG_4829
IMG_4821.jpg IMG_4822.jpg IMG_4828.jpg IMG_4829.jpg
IMG_4830 IMG_4836 IMG_4837 IMG_4838
IMG_4830.jpg IMG_4836.jpg IMG_4837.jpg IMG_4838.jpg
IMG_4839 IMG_4840 IMG_4841 IMG_4846
IMG_4839.jpg IMG_4840.jpg IMG_4841.jpg IMG_4846.jpg
IMG_4847 IMG_4849 IMG_4850 IMG_4851
IMG_4847.jpg IMG_4849.jpg IMG_4850.jpg IMG_4851.jpg
IMG_4852 IMG_4853 IMG_4854 IMG_4855
IMG_4852.jpg IMG_4853.jpg IMG_4854.jpg IMG_4855.jpg
IMG_4856 IMG_4857 IMG_4858 IMG_4859
IMG_4856.jpg IMG_4857.jpg IMG_4858.jpg IMG_4859.jpg
IMG_4860 IMG_4862 IMG_4863 IMG_4864
IMG_4860.jpg IMG_4862.jpg IMG_4863.jpg IMG_4864.jpg
IMG_4865 IMG_4866 IMG_4867 IMG_4868
IMG_4865.jpg IMG_4866.jpg IMG_4867.jpg IMG_4868.jpg
IMG_4869 IMG_4870 IMG_4871 IMG_4873
IMG_4869.jpg IMG_4870.jpg IMG_4871.jpg IMG_4873.jpg
IMG_4876 IMG_5948 IMG_5949 IMG_5950
IMG_4876.jpg IMG_5948.jpg IMG_5949.jpg IMG_5950.jpg
IMG_5952 IMG_5953 IMG_5954 IMG_5955
IMG_5952.jpg IMG_5953.jpg IMG_5954.jpg IMG_5955.jpg
IMG_5956 IMG_5957 IMG_5959 IMG_5960
IMG_5956.jpg IMG_5957.jpg IMG_5959.jpg IMG_5960.jpg
IMG_5961 IMG_5963 IMG_5964 IMG_5967
IMG_5961.jpg IMG_5963.jpg IMG_5964.jpg IMG_5967.jpg
IMG_5968 IMG_5969 IMG_5970 IMG_5972
IMG_5968.jpg IMG_5969.jpg IMG_5970.jpg IMG_5972.jpg
IMG_5973 IMG_5974 IMG_5975 IMG_5976
IMG_5973.jpg IMG_5974.jpg IMG_5975.jpg IMG_5976.jpg
IMG_5977 IMG_5978 IMG_5980 IMG_5984
IMG_5977.jpg IMG_5978.jpg IMG_5980.jpg IMG_5984.jpg
IMG_5985 IMG_5988 IMG_5989 IMG_5990
IMG_5985.jpg IMG_5988.jpg IMG_5989.jpg IMG_5990.jpg
IMG_5991 IMG_5993 IMG_5994 IMG_5995
IMG_5991.jpg IMG_5993.jpg IMG_5994.jpg IMG_5995.jpg
IMG_5997 IMG_6001 IMG_6003 IMG_6004
IMG_5997.jpg IMG_6001.jpg IMG_6003.jpg IMG_6004.jpg
IMG_6005 IMG_6006 IMG_6009 IMG_6010
IMG_6005.jpg IMG_6006.jpg IMG_6009.jpg IMG_6010.jpg
IMG_6011 IMG_6012 IMG_6013 IMG_6014
IMG_6011.jpg IMG_6012.jpg IMG_6013.jpg IMG_6014.jpg
IMG_6015 IMG_6016    
IMG_6015.jpg IMG_6016.jpg