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GCVA…A Great Way to Stay in Shape! ~ gallery 1 ~ gallery 2

It’s also a lot of fun. GCVA stands for Gulf Coast Volleyball Association. It’s operated by Mike Miksich and Vic Clifford. They are set up to play on six regulation sand volleyball courts at the League City Sportsplex. They also run tournaments at Stewart Beach on Galveston Island and hold clinics for the youth. Mike and Vic run excellent and very affordable leagues.

Sondra and I have been playing with them since they started the leagues in 1999 and credit them with helping me quit smoking (I traded my bowling ball in for a tank top and board shorts). Both my kids grew up playing sand volleyball and there are a number of "family" teams. The leagues are geared towards players with different skill levels and gender. The leagues run Monday –Friday from 7-10pm with each team playing 4 games. Monday...Men's/Women's 2's, Intermediate, Tuesday...Men's/Women's 2's, Advanced, Wednesday...Coed 4's, 2 Levels...Recreational and Intermediate, Thursday...Coed 2's, 2 levels, Friday... Juniors Doubles League, Sunday Junior 3's and Junior 2's League

Additional information about the GCVA Leagues, the GCVA Beach Tournament Events and the GCVA Junior's Indoor Program is available on the GCVA web site at or by contacting us directly.

The leagues are very affordable and a lot of fun. New Leagues start every 6 to 8 weeks. Check out the fun!

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