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April 13 thru 15 | Under the Bridge Kemah Crawfish Festival | Kemah

More than 60,000 pounds of crawfish were consumed by happy visitors to the Under The Bridge Kemah Crawfish Festival.  The goal for the 2012 festival was MORE and more there was.  More crawfish, more festival food, more music and more festival goers. 

Once again featured on the boiling pots was the James Wimberly, a true Cajun with an amazing crawfish recipe. Known as the Cajun King of Cookers, James was born and raised in southwest Louisiana and has been farming and cooking crawfish and Cajun food for over 35 years.  Considered one of the top boilers at Festival International in Lafayette, James cooks at festivals from Texas to Alabama, and has also served his crawfish at the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion. Kemah Texas

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visit with James and some festival goers. 

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