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April 29 | Memorial Hermann Kemah Triathlon | Kemah

Before the sun rose on Sunday morning, hundreds of volunteers arrived to assist in setting up the staging areas for the Memorial Hermann Kemah Triathlon.  Dozens of kayakers and lifeguards made their way out onto and into the water while other volunteers attended to the bike and run transition areas, all in support of the Olympic and Sprint distance races.  

The Colonel, a replica of an 1800 paddlewheel boat, normally docked at Moody Gardens was at the Kemah Boardwalk as part of the Memorial Hermann Kemah Triathlon.  Early Sunday morning hundreds of athletes boarded the boat for the first leg of the triathlon.  With all of her athletes on board, the Colonel made her way, about 1 mile off shore, where the unique start to the swim leg took place for the Olympic distance race.  At the same time, a little further down the road, the sprint distance race started with a 500 meter swim. 

Completing the swim about 1500 racers transitioned to the bike leg, setup in the Kemah Visitors Center parking lot.  Thousands of bikes were neatly lined up waiting for their riders; 700 of these competitors were elite athletes swimming 1500 meters, riding 40K and running 10K. A footrace completed the last leg of the race for all the competitors; 5K for sprint distance competitors and 10K including a trip over the Kemah bridge for the Olympic distance racers. 

With thousands of spectators lining the streets of Kemah; the Gateway to the Bay was buzzing with excitement throughout the day. 

Listen in to Talk of the Bay for fun visits with some of the participants.

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