Costa del Sol Talk of the Bay
photos by
Paul Fjelsta and Chiquita Taylor

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May 20 thru 26 | Costa del Sol, Spain

Holy Toledo! On our way to the Mija Costa area we visited the village of Toledo, located in Central Spain. There we visited the Cathedral Primada, the leading cathedral in Spain.   Again, I say Holy Toledo, it is gorgeous and truly “reflects the grandeur of God”. We opted to do the self-guided tour using a hand held audio tour recorder. Wondering through the great columns, the Cloister, and chapels you couldn’t help but be mesmerized. 

Costa del Sol
Our second domicile in Spain was located within the Mijas Costas area between Malaga and Fuengirola. The condo had more of a cabana feel to it, located on the side of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Stepping out onto the patio we could the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range off to the East and directly South along the horizon, the outline of the African coastline. 

Fuengirola is known for its European Market on Tuesdays and you can bet we were there.
Much more than a flea market there was a gathering of vendors from around Europe; Italy, France and even Africa were well represented. The variety and quality of the products was impressive. The market also included a Farmers Market area where the produce was proudly displayed. We selected several of the fruits and nuts and they were delicious.

Leaving the market, we were treated to a young man performing Andean Fusion Music. He played everything from an animal skull, to strings of shells along with the traditional horns common to this genre. 

Mijas Pueblo
The Costa del Sol area where we were has two area, Mijas Costas, along the coast, and Mijas Pueblo which up in the mountains. Mijas is one of Spain’s beautiful white towns. A wonderful little village with beautiful what buildings literally snuggled up into the mountain sides. Best known for its beautiful views, it also had some quaint shopping and of course a bullring. 

Next up is a day trip to the African continent to visit the city of Tanger, Morocco.

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